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Welcome to the new Pima County website

Jul 21, 2013 | Read More News
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What you see is a phased-in redesign and reorganization of Pima County’s website that we hope will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and learn about the many ways that Pima County touches your life and contributes to our community.

Whether you’re looking for agendas for Board of Supervisors’ meetings, books from our libraries, a license for the family dog, where you can get your children’s immunizations, activities at our parks, or help finding a job, we want you to be able to find it here.

In addition to improving functions, this website required the migration of thousands of pages of materials from our old site. That effort is ongoing.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

From the top
At the very top of the home page are links to the Pima County Public Library website because it is so popular and, under Employment, to Pima County job listings, employee information, One-Stop Career Center services because jobs are so important in our economy.

The Calendar will be helpful if you’re interested in events, meetings, classes and deadlines.

Contact us will connect you to the Pima County Communications Office and to department phone numbers and webpages.

The Twitter and Facebook icons will take you to a menu of Pima County department Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The big categories
Using the blue-gray horizontal bar under Pima County, you can look for information within the categories of Recreation, Health, Development, Business, Community, Environment, or Government.

Hover over a category or click on it to get a list of – and links to – programs, services, events or information related to that category – regardless of the department that provides it.

For example, clicking on the Recreation tab will take you to parks and programs administered by Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation; the Kino Sports Complex; The Loop; and even special events organized by groups outside of Pima County government.

If you’re familiar with Pima County departments and are used to finding information through department web pages, hover over or click on Government for a list of – and links to – department sites.

The redesigned has a much more powerful search capability, powered by Google, than the previous website. The Search field appears in the upper right of every page of the new website.

News about Pima County and links to important resources appear under the five tabs across the middle of the home page: Top News, Engage, Live, Work and Play.

Not all of the departments have migrated their content to the new website, particularly those with complex business processes that need to be integrated with web applications. But the new website will take you to those departments and the services and information they provide as configured on the old And we will bring you their improved and integrated content as it becomes available.

Your feedback
To share your questions, suggestions and feedback with us, please click on the link labeled “website feedback” at the bottom right in the light gray bar on every page.

Thank you.