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  • Proposed Facility Impact Permit - June 13, 2018

    Jun 15, 2018 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Regional Flood Control District has drafted a new chapter of the Pima County Code, Flood Control District Lands and Facilities Regulations.  The chapter outlines procedures to authorize impacts to District lands and facilities, including restoration lands, drainageways, basins and bank protection. 


    These procedures replace the previously-employed Right-of-Way Use Permit process which had some weaknesses.  District lands and facilities are not classified as right-of-way, and Department of Transportation staff had the burden of fitting District properties and infrastructure into a process designed for transportation facilities.  Some District facilities are within incorporated areas where the County cannot issue permits for review and inspection.


    The Right-of-Way Use Permit process includes fees.  Fees will not be charged for the District’s Facility Impact Permit for minimal disturbances.  Fees for more permanent work, such as bank protection impacts and repair, are expected to be assessed for specific services such as plan review and inspections.  A fee schedule is proposed in the permit matrix and will be finalized as part of the public outreach process.   


    The proposed process to obtain a Facility Impact Permit is straightforward and flexible, establishing requirements proportional to the proposed impact.  Minor impacts such as temporary access and scientific research require only a short application form, while an impact such as a new storm drain outlet cut into bank protection requires plan review, inspection and as-built plans.  Review timeframes will be similar to other County permit review timeframes.


    The Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, Real Property Services, Department of Transportation, Tucson Water and the Flood Control District Advisory Board have reviewed the draft, and the District has incorporated their comments.  The District is now beginning a more extensive outreach to other interested stakeholders, including Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association, Metropolitan Pima Alliance, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection and other utilities and their contractors.