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  • Organizational Structure

    OEM RACES leadership positions.pdf 

    Positions marked with an asterisk are elected. All others are appointed by the next-higher electee.

    *Director, OEM RACES
            Deputy Director (one or more)
                    *Manager, Base Communications Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more)
                    *Manager, Documentation Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more) 
                    *Manager, Home Units Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more) 
                    *Manager, Hospitals Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more) 
                                    Leaders, Hospital
                    *Manager, Mobile Communications Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more) 
                                    Leaders, Mobile Platform
                    *Manager, Outreach Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more) 
                    *Manager, Training Team
                            Deputy Manager (one or more)       

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