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  • Supervisors call for $430 million bond election to repair region’s roads

    Jul 03, 2018 | Read More News
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    road repairThe Board of Supervisors July 3 voted 4-1 to ask voters Nov. 6 to consider a $430 million bond question for regional road repair. Supervisor Ally Miller voted against the measure. The bond will be Proposition 463 on the ballot. 

    The board chose to refer road repair funding to the ballot after an attempt to fund regional repairs via a sales tax failed at the Board’s June 19 meeting. State law requires county boards of supervisors to vote unanimously to impose a general sales tax. Supervisors Steve Christy and Ally Miller voted against the sales tax while Supervisors Sharon Bronson and Ramón Valadez, and Board Chairman Richard Elías voted for it.  

    If voters approve the bond, the county will distribute the $430 million amongst the regional jurisdictions based on a combination of total assessed value and population. The region’s municipalities – Tucson, South Tucson, Sahuarita, Oro Valley and Marana – will get about 64 percent of the funding and the county the remainder, based on that formula. The county will craft the bond ordinance so that the bond funds can only be spent on road reconstructions, preservation and repair. 

    The bonds will be sold in such a way so that the existing county property tax rate used to pay off general obligation bond debt, currently at 69 cents per $100 of assessed value, will not increase during the term of the bond program. The county also plans to rapidly pay off the bonds to minimize financing costs. 

    The bond, if approved, will not come close to the county’s bonding capacity limit set by state law. The county currently has about $275 million from past bond programs outstanding. Prop. 463 would bring the county to just over half its total bonding capacity.

    For more information, visit: Proposition 463 - Regional Road Reconstruction, Preservation and Repair