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  • Early voting begins for the Primary Election

    Aug 02, 2018 | Read More News
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    early ballotsEarly voting for the Aug. 28 Arizona Primary Election has started and Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez encourages everyone to use the voting resources available to them.

    On Aug. 1, the Recorder's Office mailed over 285,000 ballot by mail ballots. This initial mailing went to voters on the Permanent Early Voting List and those registered with one of the four recognized political parties: Republican, Democratic, Green or Libertarian.

    “Because of the high volume of ballot by mail ballots being mailed, it may take a few days for voters to receive their ballot in their mailbox,” Rodriguez said. 

    Ballot by Mail Voting is Easy
    • Voters who have requested to be on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) will automatically receive a ballot by mail. Look for the green envelope in your mailbox.
    • When voters receive their ballot by mail, the ballot can be voted thoughtfully and leisurely in the comfort and privacy of their home.
    How to vote your ballot
    • Place your voted ballot into the white ballot affidavit envelope.
    • Sign your name where indicated on the white ballot affidavit envelope.
    • Place the white ballot affidavit envelope containing your voted ballot into the yellow postage paid return envelope.
    • Drop in the mail to go back to the Pima County Recorder’s Office or hand deliver to one of the Early Voting Sites listed on the Recorder's website.  
    Voters NOT on the PEVL can call the Recorder’s office at 724-4330 to order a ballot by mail. The last day to request a ballot by mail is Friday, Aug. 17.

    Independent and Party Not Designated voters
    In the State of Arizona, Independent and Party Not Designated Voters can participate in Arizona State Primaries by selecting a ballot from one of the recognized political parties and voting that ballot. Voters in either category can visit the Recorder's Office website and click on "early ballot request" or call the Pima County Recorder’s Office at 724-4330 to order their ballot by mail. Selecting a political party ballot in the Primary Election will not change the voter’s party designation on their voter registration. Voters will keep their IND or PDN political party designations.

    For more information, voters may log onto the Recorder’s office website and click on the “check your registration” option. This option offers Pima County voters the convenience to review their voter information anywhere at any time. For any additional questions, call the Pima County Recorder’s office at 520-724-4330. Out-of-town residents may call 1- 800-775-7462 and ask for extension 44330.