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Improvement District Special Assessment Property Search

Property Search

Search Tips

Begin your search by selecting an option in the drop down menu under Search By. There are different options to search for a property. The common Search By criteria are: Property No./APN (Tax Parcel Number), Name, Mailing Address and Site Address. In the second box, under Search For, enter the information to narrow the search.

If you don’t know all of the information, you can enter partial information and the system will match that information. For example, select Property No./APN (Tax Parcel Number) and enter 301 in the Search For box. All of the accounts with the tax parcel number that contains 301 will appear. This list will include 225-43-015C and 301-73-001A.

Once you locate the correct property, click on the Account ID number, highlighted in blue. This brings you to the Account Summary for this account. You also have two other options to check, Repayment Schedule and Pay-off Quote.