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  • DOT-57 Benson Hwy at Columbus Blvd Intersection Improvements

    Total Cost: $215,086
    Project Number:  CTR.4CLBUS
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF Bonds, Surface Transportation Program
    Completion Date: April 2018 
    Managing Dept.: Transportation
    Project Map: GIS Map

    Modifications to the intersection of Benson Hwy and Columbus Blvd are necessary to reduce the number of angle type crashes to improve safety and traffic operations.

    The proposed modifications to the intersection of Benson Hwy and Columbus Blvd include the following:
    •The median on Benson Hwy would be closed to through traffic and left turns from Columbus Blvd.
    •The east and west legs Columbus Blvd would be realigned to intersect Benson Hwy at right angles offset by a distance of
    approximately 225’.
    •A left turn lane from eastbound Benson Hwy to northbound Columbus Blvd is included.
    •A left turn lane from westbound Benson Hwy to southbound Columbus Blvd is included.
    •An indirect left on Benson Hwy would be provided for southbound vehicles on Columbus Blvd continuing south of Benson Hwy.
    •A HAWK is proposed for Benson Hwy.
    •The relocated intersections of Benson Hwy and Columbus Blvd will include modifications to the existing lighting.
    •Sidewalk and ADA accessible curb ramp would be provided to the HAWK.
    •Drought tolerant landscaping will be incorporated at appropriate locations.
    The final PS&E estimates for 4CLBUS and 4DRXXL were significantly greater than the Charter estimates in construction costs.  The design was complete; however, the project was retired and the Surface Transportation Program (STP) funding distributed to 4DRXXL, 4CHDCR and 4HSBSP. 
    project map