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    A text amendment proposed by Pima County to update Chapter 18.79 Sign Standards to align with a Supreme Court Ruling to remove sign content, to improve the clarity of the standards, to reflect current sign technology and trends, to encourage good sign design, and to protect dark skies and scenic values.  Currently in process, staff is working with interested parties such as major sign companies, neighborhood groups, developers and developer groups, astronomy observatories, and others to create a balanced text amendment to present to the Commission.  Since it was last updated in 1985, it is likely that Ch. 18.79 will be almost completely revised, the number of sign types reduced, regulations based on sign content removed (per the court ruling), the standards and format simplified, and the code updated to reflect current technology and trends.  The City of Tucson and the Towns of Sahuarita and Marana have revised their sign codes.  The text amendment is tentatively scheduled to be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Supervisors at public hearings by the end of 2020.  Draft 1 of the Pima County sign code update (Ch. 18.79 Sign Standards) was made available for public review on this website and comments were received. 

    Now we present DRAFT 2 (Attachment 2) for your review and comment.  If you have comments on Draft 2, please either submit written comments or schedule a virtual meeting with staff to discuss your comments.  Staff would like to have these initial written comments submitted, or virtual meetings scheduled, by Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  Your comments can be specific or general in nature.  Also note the related documents:  Attachment 1 is a compilation of comments received on Draft 1, Attachment 3 is a list of the differences between Drafts 1 and 2, and Attachment 4 comprises two draft forms for the Master Sign Program option. 

    Based on the comments received, staff will amend Draft 2 and prepare a code ordinance for public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

    To schedule a virtual meeting, please contact one of the following staff:     

    Janet Emel (available Monday & Tuesday)
    520-724-9008  (Email preferred)



    Tom Drzazgowski

    Written comments can be emailed to Janet Emel -

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