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    Oct 26, 2018 | Read More News
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    CHAPTER 17.16 ADDING SECTION 17.16.125 

    The Pima County Board of Supervisors (BOS) as the governing body for the Pima County Air Quality Control District adopts ordinances which are codified in the Pima County Code (PCC).  The Pima County Air Quality Control District operates within the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ).  PDEQ periodically proposes updates to PCC through the BOS.  This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposes the addition of a new section to PCC Title 17, Chapter 17.16, Section 17.16.125- Inactive Mineral Tailings Impoundment and Slag Storage Area within the Ajo PM10 Planning Area.  The intention of this rulemaking is to meet State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements to provide permanence and enforceability for control measures that have already been implemented. Under this new section, owners or operators are subject to implement and maintain required Particulate Matter (PM10) control measures on applicable sources to meet visible emissions and stabilization requirements, in order to ensure continued Particulate Matter emissions reductions in the Ajo PM10 Planning Area. The inactive tailings and slag storage area must be controlled to 20 percent opacity for fugitive emissions on the property. For both the tailings and slag areas, owners or operators must also install and maintain signs and physical barriers to prevent trespass and re‚Äźdisturbance on the property. The rule text and other related information is available at the PDEQ office, and on the PDEQ website (noted below), or you may request a copy by contacting our department.

    A public hearing before the Pima County Board of Supervisors will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at, or after, 9 a.m. in the Board Hearing Room, located at 130 W. Congress, 1st floor, Tucson, Arizona.

    Comments pertaining to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking may be submitted at the above noticed public hearing, in writing to PDEQ (Attn: Sarah Reitmeyer, 33 N. Stone Ave Suite 700, Tucson, AZ 85701), or via email to Sarah Reitmeyer. Written comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will be accepted by PDEQ until 5 p.m. on November 28, 2018.

    The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is available for review at the PDEQ office, and on the PDEQ Rules and Regulations Website under Draft, Proposed, & Final Rules. If requested, PDEQ can email a pdf version of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to anyone requesting this service. For additional information, please call Sarah Reitmeyer at (520) 724-7437.