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  • Roadway Maintenance Response Times

    The following response times are averages based on our current level of funding , workload, priorities and assumed fair weather conditions. 

    Storm weather and other variables may increase the length of our response time depending on current circumstances.

    Request Category

    Category Description

    Response Time Goal


    Asphalt repair for holes, cracks greater than 2”, deformities. Response times and priority depend on severity (damage potential), size (i.e., 50 square inches [size of a paint can lid]; 250 square inches [size of a paint bucket]), traffic volume, speed, and classification of the roadway (arterial / collector or local). 1 - 5 days for travel lane of High Speed/High Volume Road
    15 - 30 days for local streets 

    Drainage concern

    Ensure channel ways, pipes, culverts, etc. are maintained to be clean of debris and sediment. Methods include mechanical, water jet, vacuum, and hand labor. Note that small diameter pipes are often impossible to restore to 100% capacity. Natural drainage ways will generally not be maintained by PCDOT, and any work in natural drainage ways is limited to the area of road right of way. 1 - 5 days for blocked culverts leading to building flooding

    Shoulder concern

    Grading (routine) and repair (single occurrence) of damaged road shoulders to ensure edge drop-offs are minimized. Response times and priority depend on severity (damage potential), size (i.e., less than or greater than 4” deep), and classification of the roadway (arterial / collector or local). 1 - 2 weeks for potential hazards on high speed roads

    Road Grading

    Grading of dirt roads to remove washboards, restore crown, cross slope, and drainage. Frequency depends on an established cycle based on staff and equipment availability and the classification of the roadway (collector or local). Exceptions, non-routine or unscheduled grading, can occur during storm seasons when “touch up grading” is needed to ensure public access. During such times, the scheduled grading cycle is disrupted.  Every 4 months for routine work

    Street Sweeping

    Roadways, travel lanes, and gutters cleaned / swept on a routine schedule dependent on roadway classification (arterial / collector or local)(curbed), or on an as-requested basis. Methods involve contract and in-house staffing. Exceptions, non-routine or unscheduled sweeping, can occur during storm seasons. During such times, the scheduled sweeping cycle is disrupted.  Every other month for High Speed/High Volume road.  Twice per year for local roads.

    Traffic Sign Maintenance

    Permanent roadway signs (not construction signing) are cleaned, repaired, or replaced on an as needed basis. Response times vary based on the type of signs and the hazard potential. This includes damaged sign panels and sign posts, graffiti, or signs which have lost reflectivity. Permanent digital speed signs and digital message signs fall under Signals and Lighting Demand Maintenance.  1 - 2 days for stop and yield signs
    1 - 2 weeks for others

    Vegetation Management

    Constructed landscape – ensure areas are kept clean, weed free, trimmed on a scheduled twice-annual basis.
    Natural landscape and areas outside of the maintained road shoulder / median – clear sight distance and sign obstructions, clear vegetation encroachment from vehicle and pedestrian areas, and remove fallen trees or limbs and dead vegetation from roadway.  
    1 week for blocking traffic signs or signals
    2 - 4 weeks for other issues

    Signals & Lighting Demand Maintenance

    Responding to traffic signal malfunctions, timing adjustment requests, damage to signals or street lighting equipment, and street light outages are addressed on an as needed basis with priority given to issues creating a safety concern. Also included are maintenance, repair, and operation of pedestrian signals (HAWK), digital speed signs, and flashing beacons.  24 hours for signal malfunction
    2 - 4 weeks for signal/lighting maintenance


    Maintenance of alleys and easements shall be the responsibility of the adjacent property owners. PCDOT will perform maintenance when surface conditions become such that vehicular traffic is extremely difficult or impassable due to erosion. Garbage, trash, overgrown/down trees, or excessive weed growth are the responsibility of the adjacent property owners.   

    Sidewalk / Curb

    Sidewalks, ramps, and curbs are maintained in good physical condition. Settlements or displacements of panel in excess of 1” will be repaired.  

    Actual Response Times

    The chart tracks our average response time over the last six months and compares it to our response time goal.  Green indicates we are meeting our goal.  Red indicates we are not meeting our goal. 

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