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  • How about going green for holiday parties

    ‘Tis the season to be kind to the planet and save some “jingle for your pockets!" 

    As you celebrate the holidays at work and home, consider these creative strategies from your friends in the Department of Environmental Quality to go-green and save some green too. holiday

    Gifts & Cards

    Did you know about 35 percent of Americans have an unused holiday present collecting dust in their closets? If every American wrapped just three presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.
    • Instead of buying presents, re-gift gently-used items or donate to a local charity
    • Give the gift of your time by helping a friend run errands, prepare a meal, baby-sit, clean house, or care for pets
    • Try the “Secret Santa” method and draw a name out of a hat, rather than buying gifts for everyone
    • Use creative gift-wrap materials such as scarves, handkerchiefs, old sheet music, magazines, calendars, or maps 
    • Sew a variety of sizes of cinch-sacks using holiday fabric to reuse year after year. This cuts down on waste and time spent wrapping
    • Reuse gift bags, boxes, and wrapping and tissue paper 
    • Send e-cards, recycled cards, or create new cards by using old holiday cards.
    • Create gift tags from old holiday cards
    • Instead of giving things that will collect dust, give tickets to the movies, live performances, museums or attractions

    Entertaining & Home Decorating

    Did you know if every family reused just two-inches of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet?
    • Use LED holiday lights on timers. In general, LED light bulbs consume 70 to 90 percent less energy than incandescent and other non-LED bulbs
    • Reuse old decorations or create new beautifications from reused materials
    • Serve an earth-friendly meal with less meat, local fresh produce and more grains
    • Compost veggie and fruit kitchen scraps to nurture your garden soil
    • Reduce landfill waste by using reusable plates, pans, cups and flatware
    • If you use a live Christmas tree, bring it to a TreeCycle location after the holidays. You can even take home wood chips for your garden.

    Shopping & Traveling

    Did you know if each family reduced holiday gasoline consumption by one gallon (about 20 miles), we’d reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by one million tons/year?
    • Drive and idle less
    • Bike, walk and take transit more
    • Carpooling and using ground transportation uses a smaller carbon footprint than flying
    • Shop online, or visit local “vintage” shops to find gift treasures! 
    • Reduce congestion on roads and parking lots by using public transit or carpooling
    • If waiting in the parking lot for family to finish shopping, turn the car engine off.
    • Buy items made locally and with recycled materials or packaging
    • Shop at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, locally-owned and/or eco-friendly stores.
    • Donate to a charity with a mission that matches the giftee’s interests
    • Bring reusable bags instead of accepting plastic bags from each store at which you shop
    Saving energy and resources this holiday season will help provide healthy air, land, and water now, and for future generations! Happy Holidays!
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