Lee Moore Wash

To provide comments on this watershed for consideration in the Floodplain Management Plan, contact Greg Saxe
Planning Manager
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 The Lee Moore Wash watershed extends from the Santa Rita Mountain ridge in the southeast, meeting the Santa Cruz River just north of the Town of Sahuarita. Its many tributaries, in-cluding the Cuprite, Flato, Franco, Fagan and Sycamore washes are distributary in nature, resulting in very wide floodplains and alluvial fans throughout the Corona de Tucson area. Numerous properties and homes have flooded in this area. Sheetflow flooding is the dominant type of flooding affecting residents of this area. While sheetflow flooding is generally fairly shallow, it is also very widespread and makes accessing properties difficult. This is especially true due to the semi-rural nature of the area and the prevalence of unmaintained dirt roads. In sheetflow floodplains, it is important to protect your home from flooding and obtain flood insurance, but it is not appropriate to prevent your property from flooding as this makes flooding worse for neighbors. This watershed is comprised of 336,918 acres and contains 11,475 acres of SFHA, 44,946 acres of locally identified floodplain and 48,968 acres of Pima County Regulated Riparian Habitat.

Flood Hazards


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Floodplain Studies

Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Study

Floodplain Study FP-027-1986 - New Tucson, Units 21, 22, 23, 24 & 27, Erosion-Hazard Setback Analysis for Unit 23, Martin-McItosh, 1/23/95. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Report for Units 22, 23 and 24, DJA Job No. 84-077.01. Hydrology Report, New Tucson, Unit 27, Environmental Engineering Consultants, 9/5/1996.

Floodplain Study FP-032-1996 - New Tucson Units 26, 28, 29 & 30, ICON Consultants USA, Inc., 9/9/1996 and Addendum I, ICON, 3/29/2006 and Addendum II, ICON, 5/15/2006.

Erosion Studies

There are currently no erosion studies in this watershed.

Areas of Interest (Known Issues, Gaps, Problems and Needs)

Issues Provided by Public and Stakeholder Input

No issues have been identified to date.

Issues from the District Flood Response Manual

8.8.1 Data Gathering Needs
• No site specific issues identified.

8.8.2 Frequently Flooded Structures and Properties Subject to Damage
• 10200 S. Country Club Rd. (303-10-419A) and properties to the south and west are in the primary flood corridor of Franco Wash and subject to potentially serious flood and erosion hazards. This property owner was allegedly evacuated from the property by the National Guard during the 2005 flood event. (T16S R14E Sec. 05) • 2742 E. Wooden Bucket St. (303-10-5860) was flooded during the 2005 event of Franco Wash, while under construction. (T16S R14E Sec. 05)
• The J D Ranch subdivision is adversely impacted by non-regulatory flows. (T16S R16E Sec. 34)

8.8.3 Infrastructure
• There is a risk of undermining and damage to the Tucson Water line and telecommunication cables downstream of the culvert. Tucson Water is aware of the problem. (T16S R14E Sec. 06)

8.8.4 Safety Concerns
• Berms along Dawson Road and along Columbus Road have breached and caused downstream flood and erosion hazards. (T17S R14E Secs. 20-22)
• The Franco Wash crossing at Old Vail Connection Road is a high hazard crossing. (T16S R14E Secs. 06)


Recommendation of Actions and Floodplain Management Strategy

This section to be completed based on feedback received through the planning process.