Pantano Wash

To provide comments on this watershed for consideration in the Floodplain Management Plan, contact Greg Saxe
Planning Manager
(520) 724-4633.
The Pantano Wash begins near the community of Vail at the confluence of Cienega Creek and Aqua Verde Creek. Further downstream, the headwaters of its main tributary, Rincon Creek, originate high in the Rincon Mountains near Rincon Peak over 8,000 feet above mean sea level. The Pantano Wash has been the location of many sand and gravel operations and the most severe threat is lateral migration of the channel. Flood insurance is highly recommended. This waterhsed is comprised of 67,903 acres and contains 4,566 acres of SFHA, 408 acres of locally identified floodplain and 7,925 acres of Pima County Regulated Riparian Habitat.

Flood Hazards


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Floodplain Studies

There are currently no floodplain studies in this watershed other than those conducted by FEMA that are provided on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Erosion Studies

There are currently no erosion studies in this watershed.

Areas of Interest (Known Issues, Gaps, Problems and Needs)

Issues Provided by Public and Stakeholder Input

No issues have been identified to date.

Issues from the District Flood Response Manual

8.9.1 Data Gathering Needs
• Monitor Pantano Wash tributary repair area off of Nebraska Rd, next to the County Nebraska Gravel Pit near the confluence of this tributary wash and Pantano Wash. Grouted riprap was constructed in the tributary channel and cement bank stabilization was installed along the west side of the gravel pit in 2007. (T15S R15E Sec. 01)

8.9.2 Frequently Flooded Structures and Properties Subject to Damage
• No site specific issues identified.

8.9.3 Infrastructure
• No site specific issues identified.

8.9.4 Safety Concerns
• Access to the Pantano Wash tributary repair area off of Nebraska Rd can get cut off during flood events. Do not enter this area during a flood event unless prepared to remain there until the flood waters subside. (T15S R15E Sec. 01)
• Jeremy Wash (tributary to Rincon Creek) creates flood hazards, but it’s all on private property/roads. Alvord Road is a private road that has many problems during flood events. No Access to the road during flood events, but worth looking at after the flooding has occurred. (T15S R16E Sec. 08)


Recommendation of Actions and Floodplain Management Strategy

This section to be completed based on feedback received through the planning process.