San Cristobal Wash

To provide comments on this watershed for consideration in the Floodplain Management Plan, contact Greg Saxe
Planning Manager
(520) 724-4633.
The watershed includes the Growler Valley drainage system that extends from Ajo Mountain east of State Route 85 at the Western edge of the Tohono O’odham Nation across Valley of the Ajo, past the Growler Mountains and then Granite Mountains where it joins the San Cristobal. From these Valley Basins, this watershed then drains northward into Maricopa and Yuma Counties. The United States Geological Survey Near does not show San Cristobal Wash beyond the northwest terminus of the watershed as flows disappear into deep alluvium south of the theoretical confluence with the Gila River near Interstate 8, the communities of Dateland, Stoval, Mohawk and Kofa. This watershed is comprised of 579,188 acres and contains 5,432 acres of SFHA and 20,538 acres of Pima County Regulated Riparian Habitat.

Flood Hazards


Watershed Map 
Hazard Map 

Floodplain Studies

There are currently no floodplain studies in this watershed other than those conducted by FEMA that are provided on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Erosion Studies

There are currently no erosion studies in this watershed.

Step 6 - Floodplain Management Plan Goals

Floodplain Management Plan Goals

Recommendation of Actions and Floodplain Management Strategy

San Cristobal Wash Action Plan Map

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