Santa Cruz – Lower

To provide comments on this watershed for consideration in the Floodplain Management Plan, contact Greg Saxe
Planning Manager
(520) 724-4633.
The portion of the watershed identified as the Lower Santa Cruz River begins immediately downstream of a bedrock near Avra Valley Road where the floodplain of the Santa Cruz River is about a quarter mile wide. It then widens to several miles wide as it enters Pinal County draining over 3,000 square miles upstream of the confluence with the Brawley Wash. This por-tion of the Santa Cruz River mostly impacts farmland, though flooding can pose a significant risk to drivers during times of flooding. This watershed is comprised of 53,781 acres and contains 28,576 acres of SFHA, 1,047 acres of locally identified floodplain and 7,182 acres of Pima County Regulated Riparian Habitat.

Flood Hazards


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Floodplain Studies

There are currently no floodplain studies in this watershed other than those conducted by FEMA that are provided on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Erosion Studies

There are currently no erosion studies in this watershed.

Areas of Interest (Known Issues, Gaps, Problems and Needs)

Issues Provided by Public and Stakeholder Input

No issues have been identified to date.

Issues from the District Flood Response Manual

8.13.1 Data Gathering Needs
• No site specific issues identified.

8.13.2 Frequently Flooded Structures and Properties Subject to Damage
• Berry Acres subdivision is subject to flooding when the Santa Cruz River reaches approximately 40,000 cfs (T11S R10E Sec. 24). (within the limits of the Town of Marana)

8.13.3 Infrastructure
• The Trico-Marana Road Bridge over the Santa Cruz River collects significant amounts of timber, debris and trash across the majority of the bridge opening, causing a significant obstruction to flow. This will be an ongoing occurrence after any sizable storm event due to all of the dead and dying trees in the lower Santa Cruz River from Avra Valley Bridge crossing downstream. This location should be monitored after all large flow events. (T11S R10E Sec. 24)

8.13.4 Safety Concerns
• No site specific issues identified.


Recommendation of Actions and Floodplain Management Strategy

This section to be completed based on feedback received through the planning process.