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Santa Cruz – Middle

To provide comments on this watershed for consideration in the Floodplain Management Plan, contact Greg Saxe
Planning Manager
(520) 724-4633.
The portion of the watershed identified as the Middle Santa Cruz River begins near the northern boundary of the San Xavier District of the Tohono O’odham Nation near Martinez Hill. The Middle Santa Cruz River is where the confluence of its largest tributaries, the Cañada del Oro Wash, Rillito Creek, and the Julian Wash, occur. Excluding these tributaries, the watershed is comprised of 150,746 acres mostly coming from the east slope of the Tucson Mountains and the west portion of Tucson. The portion of the Santa Cruz River through the metropolitan area is significantly confined by flood control infrastructure, but some of the infrastructure and a number of bridges crossing the river were constructed before current standards were adopted and may not be able to withstand the significant flows that may occur. There are unprotected portions of the Santa Cruz River that pose significant hazards to nearby properties. This watershed contains 7,808 acres of SFHA, 10,878 acres of locally identified floodplain and 24,981 acres of Pima County Regulated Riparian Habitat.

Flood Hazards


Watershed Map 
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Floodplain Studies

Floodplain Study FP-002-2017 - Ruthrauff Basin Management Plan Technical Data Notebook, JE Fuller Hydrology & Geomorphology Inc., 11/2/2015.

Floodplain Study FP-035-1999 - Earp Wash, DJA Engineering Corp., 3/4/1999.

Floodplain Study FP-040-2000 - Mission Wash Study for FEMA, McGovern, MacVittie, Lodge & Associates, 7/24/2000.

Floodplain Study FP-090-2014 - Airport Wash (South) Basin Management Study, CMG Drainage Engineering and Kimley Horn, 10/17/2014.  This study includes several separate reports covering Hughes Wash, El Vado Wash, Santa Clara Wash and Valencia Wash.

Floodplain Study FP-093-2016 - Airport Wash Basin Management Study, CMG Drainage Engineering and Kimley Horn, 06/25/2016.

Erosion Studies

There are currently no erosion studies in this watershed.

Step 6 - Floodplain Management Plan Goals

Floodplain Management Plan Goals

Recommendation of Actions and Floodplain Management Strategy

Middle Santa Cruz Action Plan Map

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