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  • Check out these five ways you can help PACC pets

    By Kristen Auerbach, PACC Director of Animal Services

    Last year was, by every measure, a record-breaking year for PACC. Of the 17,000 pets who entered the shelter, about 11,000 were adopted, an increase of almost 2,000 more than the previous year! PACC saved 90 percent of the homeless, abandoned and neglected pets of Tucson, despite the fact that about 25 percent entered the shelter with emergency or urgent medical needs. We’re excited that the new facility seems to be drawing even more community members to help because the need for support is still huge. 
    Kristen Auerbach
    Did you know an average of 61 cats and dogs come into PACC every, single day? 
    You may have heard about PACC’s volunteer or foster programs, but there are many ways you can help PACC pets, some of which you may not know about. Read ahead to learn five ways you can be part of our lifesaving efforts. 
    1. Become a weekend or overnight foster caregiver. Many of us work busy schedules and cannot commit to taking a long-term foster pet. By coming to PACC or e-mailing pacc.foster@pima.gov, you can take one of our long stay or senior dogs for an afternoon hike or an overnight break from the stress of shelter confinement. These short breaks can be truly lifesaving to our dogs because they help us learn more about them and help decrease stress, which can put them at risk in the shelter. Plus, if you snap a few photos or take a video, we can use these to market your short-term foster dog!
    2. Take your lunch break at the shelter. It’s a short drive from downtown (and a lot of other locations) to stop over at PACC. While here, you can walk a couple of dogs, pass out treats and enrichment items and provide TLC for a cat or dog who needs some extra affection. It’s easy to volunteer at PACC. In fact, we’ll soon be adding lunchtime volunteer orientations geared toward Pima County employees! Learn about our current volunteer opportunities on our volunteer page or e-mail Bonny.jagt@pima.gov to start volunteering right away. 
    3. Follow us on social media and share our posts. PACC posts reached more than 7 million Facebook users in 2018 and when you share our posts with your friends and family, you can save a life! We often post pets with special medical or behavioral needs like orphaned kittens, fearful dogs and geriatric pets who really need a lifeline. We’re on PACC foster volunteerFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and now we’re also on Nextdoor and Craigslist so there are plenty of places to go to help PACC pets online. 
    4. Spread the word: Have you ever heard PACC referred to as “the pound?” It’s always a surprise when we meet community members who haven’t been to PACC in five years or more and don’t know how much things have changed for the better for Tucson’s homeless pets. Please be an ambassador and give voice to the thousands of PACC pets who need to find new homes. When we meet people who don’t know much about PACC, we always share with them that we’re the only open-admissions shelter for Pima County, and we never turn away a pet in need. Because of this, people who support PACC know they’re helping local animals have second chances. 
    5. Participate in homeless outreach events. Each week, PACC participates in three homeless outreach events in partnership with other local groups. We rely on volunteers and donations to help some of our most vulnerable residents and the pets they love. We’re always seeking volunteers to help pass out donated food and supplies, and we always need donations to support this life-changing program. If you’ve seen a homeless dog or cat with booties to protect their paws, or a sweater to keep them warm, chances are these were provided by our program. You can donate to support this and other programs by visiting the Friends of PACC website
    Every day, we hear from folks who tell us about how much they love their adopted PACC pet or ask us what donations we need the most. We are so grateful for the support of Pima County constituents and with your help, we look forward to an amazing 2019 of serving pets and people in our community. 
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