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  • A message from IT about increased phishing attempts

    Over the last several days, incidents of phishing emails have increased here in Pima County.  Thanks to those alert employees who reported them to the Information Technology Department (ITD) so that these potentially harmful emails could be removed from our email system.  Phishing remains the mostemail prevalent attack used by hackers, whose goal is to steal an employee’s network log in credentials.  Hackers will attempt to use these stolen credentials to enter the County’s network in order to gain control of data or critical computing resources.
    Employees are reminded to be aware of emails sent from outside the county, as noted at the top of the body of the email, when the sender is unfamiliar or may even be what appears to be another county employee.  Recent subject lines used by the phishing attackers have included:
    • 2018 EF Tax Incentive Billing
    • Balance Payment
    • Payment Confirmation
    • Missing Invoice
    • Invoice Attached
    These phishing emails have documents attached or links, which when clicked, download malicious code or attempt to connect to a hacker’s network which will steal log in credentials.  If you are ever unsure about the validity of an email, please use the “Report Phishing Email” button on the Outlook ribbon or forward the email directly to spam@Pima.gov.  Employees can also call the Network Operations Center (NOC) at 724-8471 for assistance.
    Also, as the tax season is again upon us, employees are reminded the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will not contact citizens by email, text message or social media asking for account or other personal information.  The IRS will use standard mail for official correspondence.  Employees can also report tax related phishing to the IRS on their website at www.irs.gov/privacy-disclosure/report-phishing.
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