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  • TRP News: Money, miles and pounds saved

    What do $1,800, 3,000 miles, and 2,300 pounds of pollution have in common? 

    That’s what one regular, four-day-per-week transit rider who walks to the bus stop saved on work commutes in 2018. Not to mention reduced vehicle wear-and-tear, reduced stress, and improved social connection to boot.sun tran

    You can track your own transit, biking, walking, and carpooling data if you enter your trips in www.Sunrideshare.org. You will be able to see your dollars saved, miles reduced, air pollution and greenhouse gases avoided, and even how many calories you burned from using alternate modes of transportation.

    Sun Rideshare is a database program operated by the Pima Association of Governments. It tracks transportation accomplishments for all persons logging their trips. If you enter your alternate mode trips, not only will you see your personal results, but results compiled from all Pima County employees entering their trips. Together in 2018, we: 
    • Saved $69,000
    • Reduced miles driven by 123,000 
    • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gases by more than 48 tons!
    Small daily or weekly actions add up significantly over the course of several years. The money saved can significantly contribute to a child’s college education or the mortgage on your home. Keeping track of your alternate modes trips helps keep in perspective the benefits you earn for yourself and for the air we breathe.

    Travel Reduction Resources for Pima County Employees

    Visit the Travel Reduction Program intranet site for information on our Guaranteed Ride Home Program, transit, bike, walk, and carpool/vanpool resources and info on commuter contests

    Sign up with Karen.Wilhelmsen@pima.gov to be on a transit, bike or carpool list serve. Sign up for Pima County Employee Commute Trips & Tips Facebook group.
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