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  • Now you can participate in ECAP year round

    The Employees Combined Appeal Program has changed to a virtually year-round format, allowing County staffers to contribute to their favorite charities without having to wait for the campaign to kick off in the fall. The Online Donation webpage will be open and pledges accepted through August 2019. It will reopen during the ECAP Kick-Off in September and run through Dec. 2019 once again. 
    The 2018-2019 ECAP fundraising effort collected $319,950, an 10 percent increase in donations over the previous year, but that sum came courtesy of just 1,280 employees - one in five County workers - who actually made donations. In an effort to boost participation, the United Way recently re-activated the online pledge system. Donations can be made through payroll deduction or a one-time credit or debit card donation. If an employee originally declined to participate and would now like to participate, please contact the ECAP Committee Chair, Ray Velez at ray.velez@pima.gov

    “We say it all the time: ‘every dollar counts.’ Consider that if everybody at Pima County participated and gave just $5 per pay period we’d raise $867,000 every year,” United Way Development Officer Bruce Ayers said. “That really shows the power of group giving. That’s why we wanted to re-open the donation webpage.”

    Ayers added that if all 6,766 people on staff met last year’s donation average of $249, ECAP would have raised $1,662,324 for the more than 220 non-profit groups who benefit from the program.

    All told, just over half of all County staff members participated in the last campaign, either donating or completing the opt-out form. 1,006 donors, 78 percent, pledged online through payroll deductions or one-time payments. Five departments had less than 10 percent participation, while 25 had 90 percent participation or higher - 19 of those achieved the 100 percent mark.

    “Our goal moving forward is to encourage every County worker to participate in ECAP and at a minimum giving every county employee the opportunity to donate,” ECAP Committee Chair Ray Velez said. “This is a big step in that direction. It makes giving more convenient and hopefully increases donations to our Community.”

    Another program the ECAP committee hopes will benefit from the expanded donation window is Ending Poverty Now which supports the "Getting Ahead" curriculum - an intensive 50-hour class that helps low-income individuals develop financial literacy and learn strategies to build resources for greater stability, choices, and community participation. EPN raised $48,332 from 326 donors in the last campaign.

    Details on the year-round appeal will be included in all new hire orientations. A list of approved non-profits can be found on the ECAP intranet page. Also, the ECAP Committee is always on the lookout for new members or program coordinators or solicitors. For more information about how to join ECAP, contact Ray Velez, 724-4489 or Vice-Chair Margo Chavez, 724-9169.
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