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  • Short-term Disability

    Short Term DisabilityShort Term Disability

    • The Short-term Disability benefit provides 66.67% of your weekly salary up to a maximum of $1,500 per week
    • There is a 14 day (unpaid) elimination period from the date last worked. If you have accruals, you must use that time during this period
    • You may use your leave banks to supplement the remaining 33.33% of your salary
    • You may receive paid benefits for up to 24 weeks after the waiting period
    • There are no pre-existing conditions exclusions

    Pima County employees are considered eligible for the Short-term Disability benefit if they are working in a current benefits eligible position for 90 days.       

    In addition, an employee must:

    • Be unable to work due to their own non-work-related illness or injury
    • Be under the care of a health care provider
    • Be unable to perform their assigned job duties
    • Have satisfied a 14-day elimination period

    Refer to Administrative Procedure 23-24 for additional information.

    Requesting Short Term Disability

    Contact HR Leave Administration at (520) 724-8076 or email HR Leave Administration. An employee requesting Short-term Disability must notify Human Resources Leave Administration, as soon as they can, to complete the following forms before the benefit will be considered for approval:

    • Statement of Employee Form
    • Physician Statement
    • Leave Administration Form
    • FMLA documentation (if applicable)

    Important Information

    • Inform Human Resources Leave Administration as soon as you know you will need to use the benefit
    • ASRS/PSPRS - Can affect credited service time if you do not use leave banks during use of short-term disability benefit
    • Benefits are taxable
    • May either use Parental Leave or Short-term Disability benefit

      Documents and Resources

      • Short-term Disability Brochure
      • 2020 Privacy Notice
      • Class 1 - All full-time and part-time employees excluding variable-time and temporary employees
      • Class 2 -  All full-time, regular part-time, or variable-time employees excluding temporary employees
      • Class 3 - All full-time, regular part-time, or temporary employees with at least 6 months of service


      For the purposes of Short-term Disability, childbirth is considered an illness.

      • You may either use Parental Leave OR the Short-term Disability benefit. Waivers shall be considered on a case-by-case basis    
      • If you qualify for FMLA, you must use concurrently with Short-term Disability

      To learn more about Parental Leave, please refer to the Administrative Procedure 3-20.


      How Does It Work?

      Example of a Short-term Disability claim:
      Lisa signed up for short-term disability insurance when she became a full-time employee two years ago. Recently she learned she has a health condition that will prevent her from working for eight weeks.

      Her policy has a maximum benefit of 66.67% of pay, up to $1,500 a week, and a maximum benefit duration of 24 weeks. Payments can begin after the 14-day waiting period. So Lisa’s benefits begin on the 15th day of her condition.

      Sample Benefit Statement

      Hourly Rate 


      Weekly Pay


      Maximum Benefit

      x 66.67%

      Weekly Benefit


      Approved benefit duration

      x 24 weeks*

      Total Short-Term Disability benefit (for 24 weeks)


      * After the 14-day waiting period

      All recipient will receive a separate W2.

      Steps to Submitting a Claim to Short-term Disability

      • Step 1: Employee or DPR Notifies HR Leave Administration
      • Step 2: Employee has the following forms completed and returns to HR Leave Administration
        • Statement of Employee Form
        • Physician Statement
        • Leave Administration Form
        • FMLA Documentation (if eligible)
      • Step 3: HR Leave Administration submits the completed form to Lincoln Financial


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