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  • Juvenile Criminal Defenders

    2231 East Ajo Way,
    Suite 100
    Tucson, AZ 85713
    (520) 724-2994
    M - F 8am - 5pm

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    What We Do (Journey of the Case)

    Once the Office of the Public Defender is appointed to represent a minor accused of a crime, the assigned attorney immediately contacts the youth to arrange a meeting. At that meeting, the youth has the opportunity to discuss the circumstances of his or her arrest in a confidential setting, and learn from the attorney about the court process.

    With the assistance of an attorney, the youth will make the decision of how best to pursue a defense in each case. Because we utilize a team approach to case management, we offer each case a diversity of viewpoints and a wealth of talents. Each attorney has resources that include a Team Leader, seasoned fellow attorneys, and a capable support staff to help prepare each case for court.

    We continue our representation through adjudication to final disposition of the minor's case and on into any probationary supervision. We know how important the support of family is for a youth involved in the criminal justice system, so we make every effort to keep family members involved, and informed of the progress in their minor's case.

    Juvenile Division Public Defender Attorneys


    Susan Kelly

    Susan is a graduate of the University of Arizona College Of Law, 1988. She was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona, 1989, The United States District Court of Arizona in 1989, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1990. She was an attorney in a private Arizona federal and state criminal defense firm, 1990-1993; an independent criminal Appeals attorney, 1993-1995; pro bono Immigration attorney with Southern Arizona Legal Aid, 1989-1995. She became a member of the Pima County Public Defender in 1995 and has handled cases in the Misdemeanor, Felony, Appeals and Juvenile Divisions.

    Languages: Spanish

    Michele Robbins

    Michele is a graduate of the University of Arizona, College of Law, 1993; admitted to the State Bar of Arizona, 1993. She was a judicial Law Clerk for the Honorable Margaret M. Houghton, 1994-1995; and Arizona Assistant Attorney General, 1998-1999; rejoined the Pima County Public Defender in 2001. She has substantial experience representing minors at all stages of delinquency proceedings.


    Anthony Zinman

    Anthony is a graduate of Whittier College School of Law, 1992; Associate attorney in a private Washington state family law firm from 1994-1996. He became a Public Defender in North Central Washington from 1996-2007 where he had substantial and extensive experience in the areas of juvenile dependency, delinquency and appellate law. He has been a Public Defender with the Juvenile Division since 2007.

    Samuel Jurgena

    Graduate of the City University of New York School of Law in 2017; B.A. from Iowa State University, 2013. Admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 2018. Law Clerk to the Honorable Joan L. Wagener of the Pima County Superior Court. He has been a Public Defender with the Juvenile Division since 2018.

    Esther Kelley

    Graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, 2020; admitted to the State Bar of Arizona, 2021. B.A. in Strategic Communication from Northern Arizona University 2017;  Student Attorney at the Syracuse University College of Law Children's Rights and Family Law Clinic 2019-2020; Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable J. Alan Goodwin of the Pima County Superior Court, 2020-2021; Defense Attorney in the Law Offices of the Pima County Public Defender since 2021. 

    About Us

    The Juvenile Division of the Pima County Public Defender represents persons under the age of 18 years who are charged with delinquent offenses in Pima County. We represent over 4,500 minors a year whose families cannot afford to hire legal counsel. Our office is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to defending the rights of youth. We currently employ 9 attorneys and a legal staff that includes Legal Secretaries and Clerks, Criminal Investigators, Social Workers, and Legal Interns.

    Mission Statement

    To provide legal representation to all children that is individualized, developmentally appropriate, age appropriate, and free of racial, ethnic, gender, social, and economic bias. To recognize that all children have strengths and the potential to become productive members of society and that each has the right to constitutional and statutory protections.

    Our Goals

    To develop our capacity and leadership
    To demonstrate a commitment to professionalism
    To promote accountability and bring about reform in the juvenile justice system, and
    To enhance our role in the justice system through collaboration and greater community    involvement.

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    Public Defender

    33 N. Stone Ave., 21st Flr
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone:  (520) 724-6800
    Fax:   (520) 770-4168

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m., except on holidays

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