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  • Healthy Air is in Our Hands

    Air pollution is a serious threat to human health and livelihoods. Children, older adults, pregnant women, people who spend lots of time outside, and those with lung and heart ailments are among the most susceptible to harm.

    But air pollution isn’t just bad for our health, it’s also bad for the economy. Air pollution can lead to lost work, higher health care expenses, and damage to property and agricultural crops. Poor air quality also can affect tourism and the ability of businesses and institutions to recruit quality employees.

    With so much at stake, everyone has a responsibility to help keep the air clean and healthy to breathe. Each of us can do something to reduce air pollution.

    Healthy Air Is In Our Hands. Learn more below.

    Current Air Quality

    Current Air Quality

    Air pollution levels are reported hourly from PDEQ’s numerous monitoring sites. Read more.

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    Air Pollutants of Concern

    Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter are air pollutants of concern in Pima County.


    Sources of air Pollution

    About half our air pollution comes from operating gasoline and diesel vehicles. Read more.

    Protect Your Health

    Protect Your Health

    Air pollution affects your quality of life in many ways. Read more

    Actions for healthy air

    Actions For Healthy Air

    Let’s treat the air as if our lives depend upon it. Because they do. Read more.

    Cut Down Pollution

    Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement

    Receive up to $400 toward zero-emission lawn and garden equipment. Read more.


    Drive-Less Pledge

    Make the pledge to drive less for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Read more.

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    Share photos of your clean air actions for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Read more.

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