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  • Actions for Healthy Air

    Let’s treat the air as if our lives depend upon it. Because they do.

    Being that driving gasoline and diesel powered motor vehicles causes about half the air pollution in Pima County, it makes sense to simply drive less and drive more fuel-efficiently. Suggestions to consider:

    ride a bike

    Drive Less:

    Drive Smarter:

    • Accelerate and drive smoothly
    • Check and change air filter regularly
    • Drive slower on dirt roads, or avoid them when possible
    • Idle Less for Healthy Air 
    • Keep tires properly inflated
    • Refueling tips:
      • During summertime, refill fuel tank in the evening to avoid sunlight “baking” fumes into ozone pollution
      • Stop at the click to avoid spillage
      • Secure gas cap tightly

    Activities of daily living also contribute to air pollution, and there’s plenty we can do to improve air quality and save money on utility bills, too.

    At Home:

    • Conserve electricity:
      • Conduct an energy audit to see where you could save the most
      • Turn lights and computers off when not in use
      • Use energy efficient appliances
      • Set thermostat a little cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer
      • Insulate windows and weather strip doors
      • Wash dishes and clothes I  n full loads
      • Use a clothes line instead of clothes dryer
    • Burn seasoned hard wood like oak or mesquite when enjoying your fireplace
    • Use household chemicals appropriately and seal shut when storing
    • Use electric or manual lawn and garden equipment
    • Conserve water – it takes energy to pump water from the Colorado River to Tucson. A lot of energy.
      • Take shorter showers (also reduces energy to heat water)
      • Turn off faucet when brushing teeth
      • Save rainwater for landscaping needs
    • Avoid neighborhood fireworks and enjoy the community-sponsored celebrations instead

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