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  • Understand Your Legal Rights

    What to do if you are stopped by the police:

    • Be calm. Don't Panic. Don't run.
    • Don't hit or resist the police.
    • Be courteous. Getting smart just makes things worse.
    • Show the police your identification, when asked, or give your name, age, and address. Never lie about these facts.
    • You need not say anything else. Anything else you do or say can be used against you in court.

    When stopped in your car by the police:

    • Show your identification or give your name, age, address, car registration, and insurance documentation when asked.
    • You do not need to answer any other questions.
    • If the police want to search the vehicle you have the right to refuse the search. If they begin to search without your permission, do not attempt to stop them.

    What to do when you are arrested:

    • The police can use force if you resist arrest even if you are innocent of any crime. Don't fight being arrested!
    • If the police ask to search you, tell them you are not consenting to a search. You have a right to request not to be searched, but do not try to stop the search.
    • Advise the police that you want to remain silent until you have spoken to a lawyer (and/or your parents if you are a minor). Do not make any verbal and/or sign any written statements to the police before speaking to an attorney.
    • If you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, you may have the right to a free lawyer.

    What to do when you are taken to the police station:

    • If you are not free to leave, ask to call a lawyer or your parents if you are a minor. You have the right to make a telephone call.
    • Remember at all these times, except when asked to identify yourself, you have the right:
      1. To remain silent.
      2. To have a lawyer and or your parents (if you are a minor) present.

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