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  • NR2.09 Santa Cruz Pedestrian Safety Improvements

    Total Actual Cost: $226,362
    Project Number: CCD.N04CRZ
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds
    Completion Date: January 2019 
    Managing Dept.: Community Development
    Project Map: GIS Map

    The pedestrian safety improvements along Cottonwood Lane included six solar powered street lights, four speed bumps, six chicanes with native plants and water harvesting, 1,200 lineal feet of asphalt pathway (5 feet wide), and 1,200 lineal feet of cable and posts. 

    Designed to slow traffic and encourage safe pedestrian passage during rush hour traffic and after dark, this project provided much needed safety and aesthetic features for walkers, cyclists and motorists.  Cottonwood Lane is the main thoroughfare for this community of 4,100 residents living in 1,100 homes.  Prior to this neighborhood-initiated project, there were no sidewalks and no street lights. Single mothers represent one in four households.  Concerned about the safety of their children, parents pushed for this project.  Speeding motorists caused two fatalities in recent years.

    The new walking path from Las Milpitas (Community Garden) to Paseo de Las Iglesias Park means students walking before the sun rises and after sunset will be protected from speeding cars and trucks.  Seniors using walkers and parents taking their young children in strollers for leisurely walks are protected.  The path provides linkage to The Loop along Santa Cruz River.  The new speed bumps and chicanes discourage speeding motorists. During rain events, walkers are no longer forced into the street out of the muddy berms.

    The City of Tucson Transportation Department shall maintain the project over a period of 25 years.
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