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  • Updated Economic Development Plan emphasizes workforce development

    Aug 08, 2019 | Read More News
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    Pima County has completed an update to the County’s Economic Development Plan, which guides the region’s job creation, workforce development and company attraction and retention efforts. 

    “We’ve accomplished many of the policy goals identified in previous iterations of the Economic Development Plan and that shows in the economic progress Pima County has experienced,” said Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. “This update allows us to move forward and focus on our strengths while adjusting to address new demands in the regional economy.”
    Construction projects
    The document, first released in 2012, outlines the County’s goals in helping improve the regional economy and focused efforts to promote economic development, job growth, higher wages and increased disposable income. A section of the update includes a status on the 99 action items from the prior plan.  The 2019-2021 update also places greater emphasis on workforce development to ensure new and expanding companies have access to skilled employees and Pima County residents have pathways to new job opportunities.

    The fundamental goals identified in the updated plan are: 
    • Identify ways to overcome limitations that affected successes
    • Diversify the economy
    • Increase number of jobs
    • Increase disposable income
    • Identify multiple paths to enhance workforce
    • Develop new funding sources for regional development 
    • Creation of a regional identity
    The updated Economic Development Plan describes numerous actions the County intends to employ in furtherance of these goals. 

    Among these strategies include business attraction and retention; supporting major industries; enhancing existing and creating new employment centers; enhancing relationships with foreign economic partners including new strategies focused on Israel and Europe; and increasing competitiveness through updated budget and property tax strategies. 

    The plan also outlines workforce development approaches critical to Pima County for competing in the global, knowledge and technology-based economy. These efforts include supporting the development of a stronger K-12 education pipeline; supporting technical education; assisting mature workers in developing new marketable skills; assisting current and former military members and their families with employment opportunities; and supporting employment-readiness efforts for adults with barriers to employment. 

    The Economic Development Plan Update also outlines strategies to invest in public infrastructure to promote economic growth. These include planning and investing in transportation and logistics infrastructure; and supporting tourism-related businesses and amenities. 

    Pima County’s economic development goals are regional in scope, pursuing collaborative economic efforts to ensure more opportunities for all of Southern Arizona.  Consistent with that goal, a summary and link to each of our regional partner’s economic development plans are also incorporated into this Plan Update.  

    Read more about the Pima County Economic Development Plan here