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  • DOT-57 South Camino de la Tierra - Highway Dr. -Curtis Rd. Pave

    Total Actual Cost: $754,558
    Project Number:  CTR.4CHDCR
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF Bonds, Grant
    Completion Date: June 2019 
    Managing Dept.: Transportation
    Project Map:  GIS Map

    The centerline of the roadways were realigned within the project area to accommodate paved shoulders and increase super elevation at the two horizontal curves within the corridor. Local drainage patterns will be maintained. These features will enhance user safety.

    The project scope included:
    • Centerline realignment
    • Curve correction to increase super elevation
    • Shoulder widening to add paved shoulders
    • Crack rehabilitation and sealing
    • Landscaping (vegetation removals where required)
    • Clean drainage channels
    • Obliteration of existing pavement markings and application of a bituminous surface treatment
    • Application of new pavement markings
    • Reconstruction of driveways
    • Perform minor utility relocations and adjustments.

    paved shoulder