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  • Request Electronic Delivery of Your Annual Property Tax Statement

    Go Paperless

    Go Paperless!!!!

    Pima County Property tax statements are going electronic. Beginning in September 2020, statements will go out via email to property owners who request the completely-optional service.

    Go Paperless If you would prefer to receive future statements via email look for the eNoticesOnline logo on the first page of your tax statement (see at right). Included in the yellow highlighted section of that logo is an individualized authorization code. You will need this code when you navigate to the eNoticesOnline registration site. Once you navigate to the site, follow the simple instructions to create your new account and go paperless.

    Signing up for paperless billing is a completely optional service provided by Pima County and its vendor.

    If you wish to continue to receive a paper version of your property tax bill, do nothing and one will be automatically sent to you in September 2020.

    You can sign up to go paperless at eNoticesOnline at any time.

    After you sign up for paperless billing, you can return to a paper billing at any time by following the instructions on eNoticesOnline.com.

    Your first paperless property tax statement will be sent to you in September 2020.

    For additional assistance:

    1. Go to: help.enoticesonline.com or
    2. Call the Pima County Property Tax Line at 520-724-8650 or 520-724-8750 or
    3. Call the Pima County Treasurer at 520-724-8341.
    Want to go paperless to pay your property taxes too? Go to the Pima County Treasurer's online payment page.

    How to set up eNotices Online
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