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  • Safety on The Loop

    • Always carry enough water and exercise before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. in summer.
    • Visit www.pima.gov/heat for additional heat safety tips.
    • In less-traveled areas of the path, be aware of your surroundings and, whenever possible, walk or ride with a friend.
    • WalkersWhen riding or walking on The Loop, carry some form of identification, tell someone where you're going and carry a cell phone.
    • Give wildlife a wide berth. Watch out for javelina, coyotes, bats and rattlesnakes, particularly around sunrise and sunset, and never approach a wild animal.
    • Always keep your dog leashed and under control. Keep your pet close at your side to avoid injuring other path users who could become tangled in the leash.
    • Bicyclists should carry a tool kit and all items necessary to repair a breakdown or flat tire. Assure that your bike is in good condition before starting a ride.
    • Do not ride your bicycle at a speed that would feel frightening to other people using The Loop. Remember: The Loop is for cruising, not racing.
    • Be aware of people with disabilities and respectful of their needs. All path users should yield to people with disabilities.
    • If you encounter a horse and rider, slow down or come to a full stop, and ask the rider if it’s safe to pass.
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