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  • NR2.09 City of South Tucson Land & Pedestrian Safety Project

    Total Actual Cost: $314,090
    Project Number: CCD.N04STL
    Funding Sources: 2004 & 1997 General Obligation Bonds
    Completion Date: September 2019 
    Managing Dept.: Project Management Office
    Project Map: GIS Map

    Proposed by the City of South Tucson Planning Department on behalf of a community with significant neighborhood stress factors, this project promotes safety and health for its residents.  It provided for the acquisition of land from the Chevron Corporation which completes connectivity along the El Paso SW Greenway at the 7th and 8th Avenue crosswalks leading to the Greenway.  The project also provided for installation of flashing crosswalk lights at 10th and 12th Avenues to the Julian Wash River Park.

    The project also improved the acquired parcel into a mini-park with a new parking area, sidewalks, some landscape and relocation of an art ramada to this new parklet.  Residents are thrilled by the improvements and have increased their usage of these public amenities.  South Tucson Officials also appreciate the investment of county bond funds into desperately needed infrastructure.
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