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  • SW-4 Environmental Remediation - El Cmno del Cerro Landfill

    Total Actual Cost: $4,523,114
    Project Number: CDE211047
    Funding Sources: 1997 General Obligation Bonds
    Completion Date: June 2018
    Managing Dept.: Department of Environmental Quality
    Project Map:  GIS Map

    El Camino del Cerro Landfill is a historical groundwater contamination site that has been undergoing remedial investigation, feasibility studies and remediation under the Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) process administered by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). This project addressed the remedies identified in the Landfill Operable Unit (LOU) feasibility study and the Groundwater Operable Unit (GOU) feasibility study.

    The remedies included extending bank protection 20 feet deeper next to the Santa Cruz River to prevent lateral migration of water from the river into the landfill materials; building a municipal water line and connecting businesses to municipal water supplies in the vicinity of Cowtown Boots; connecting a mobile home park to municipal supplies near the Rillito River; placing up to an addition four feet of soil capping material on the existing landfill surface; building and extracting landfill gas from the landfill, and removing 1687 pounds of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the waste mass; building and operating a deep soil vapor extraction (SVE) under the landfill, where an additional 275 pounds of VOCs were removed from the unsaturated zone between the waste mass and the water table; building and operating a groundwater extraction system and removing VOCs through an air stripping system; and treating nearly 270 million gallons of groundwater and removing 60 pounds of VOCs.

    remediation system