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  • Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP)

    Join the 51st Annual Campaign Effort

    The 51st annual ECAP Campaign will be from September 1 – December 18, 2020. Due to the current COVID-
    ECAP logo19 pandemic, the Campaign Kick-Off will be virtual this year. Representatives from almost 200 local agencies will highlight, via video, services they offer to our community and are hoping that Pima County employees continue to open their hearts, especially during this unique time in our lives. Approved agency listings, videos, and pledge forms will be available throughout the Campaign on the ECAP website. 
    Every Department has a Coordinator and Solicitors who are your points of contact throughout the Campaign. Coordinators and Solicitors will have a training guide available to them, so they can assist you with questions, concerns, issues, and completing your pledge form electronically or on paper.

    How to Donate

    • United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona will send everyone who gave last year a registration email
    • Employees will follow that link to register for this year’s campaign. 
    • CHHAdd a User Name, Business Email (Work Email), Password and Confirm Password.
    • A confirmation email will be sent from StratusLive to your work email with the subject of “Confirm your email address”   
    • Click the “Confirm my email address” button; this will take you to your account
    • Once you return to the Pima County Giving page, click “GIVE NOW”.
    • Start your pledge with your contact information. (Please provide your address if it has changed and/or if you would like a physical acknowledgment from United Way).
    Questions? See Page 12 of the ECAP training manual.

    Click HERE or on the photo of County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry to watch his message to employees.

    Giving is completely voluntary. Your pledge can be either one-time gifts or through payroll deductions. Last year, ECAP raised more than $300,000 for our local community and Pima County employee donations increased by 6%. This year’s goal is a 10% increase from last year’s total, so let’s raise $333,000+!

    Ending Poverty Now

    The Ending Poverty Now fund goes to support organizations in our community that are using an effective curriculum called Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World to help break the cycle of poverty. An intensive 50-hour class, Getting Ahead is built on concepts and solid research that help participants create a new future story for themselves. Participants are linked to County and other resources that can help them move from “just getting by” to getting ahead. The agencies do much more than just offer the class, but also ongoing support and opportunities. Graduates become partners and advocates for the larger effort. 
    Mom and Baby
    Your donation funds a network of committed organizations including Catholic Community Services through its Pio Decimo Center, the Community Food Bank, Interfaith Community Services, and St. Vincent de Paul. Classes are held in Spanish and English. And the pandemic isn’t stopping us. We are offering virtual classes and on-going support for graduates. Ariane Davaul, a Getting Ahead graduate and now a facilitator, said it well in this video message.
    And here’s the experience from Roberto Thompson, Assistant Principal at Tucson High and a Getting Ahead Facilitator.

    Interested in learning more about EPN? Check out our website or give EPN Program Manager Bonnie Bazata a call at 724-3704 or email her

    Employees who give to the EPN Fund can receive a tax credit from the state of Arizona of up to $800 for married couples or $400 for individuals. Check with qualified tax professionals for advice. The required codes are next to each agency. 

    Ending Poverty Now Partner Agencies (with tax codes)

    Spread the Love

    Employees who have a favorite charity not currently designated as an ECAP recipient can request to add qualifying 501c3 organizations by submitting an application and returning a petition with at least 25 signatures from County employees ahead of the 2020-21 campaign launch.

    ECAP Information

    County Administrator's Video Message

    County Administrator's message



    ECAP Video

    ECAP Steering Committee

    The organizing body of the Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP) program sets the direction of the appeal program, promotes its activities and administers and manages the annual employee participation drive in coordination with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Members come from nearly a dozen County departments large and small. ECAP is the largest and most generous program of its kind in Southern Arizona.

    Ray Velez, Chair
    Facilities Management
    Phone: 520-724-4489
    Email: Ray.Velez@Pima.Gov
    Ray Velez

    Judy Cooper
    Judy Cooper, Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-3727
    Email: Judy.Cooper@pima.gov

    Daniel Davis, Co-Vice Chair
    Clerk of the Board
    Phone: 520-351-8455
    Email: Daniel.Davis@pima.gov
    Daniel Davis

    Joanna Dinan
    Joanna Dinan, Co-Vice Chair
    Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
    Phone: 520-724-5363
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov

    Judy Moses, Secretary
    Public Library
    Phone: 520-594-5602
    Email: Judy.Moses@pima.gov
    Judy Moses

    Andrea Altamirano
    Andrea Altamirano
    Phone: 520-724-7926
    Email: andrea.altamirano@pima.gov

    Bonnie Bazata
    Community and Workforce Development
    Phone: 520-724-3704
    Email: Bonnie.Bazata@pima.gov
    Bonnie Bazata

    Evelyn Gonzales
    Evelyn Gonzales
    Fleet Services
    Phone: 520-724-2618
    Email: Evelyn.Gonzales@pima.gov

    Magda Murtey
    Phone: 520-724-6366
    Email: Magda.Murtey@pima.gov
    Magda Murtey

    Monica Robinson
    Monica Robinson
    Phone: 520-724-2854
    Email: Monica.Robinson@pima.gov

    Linda Volkerink
    Information Technology
    Phone: 520-724-7984
    Email: Linda.Volkerink@pima.gov
    Linda Volkerink

    ECAP Photos

    Chuck Huckelberry Dogs
    County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry speaks at the kick-off. All are welcome at the ECAP kick-off!
    Agencies Epilepsy rep
    Lots of agencies represented at the ECAP kick-off. Find nonprofits you support at the Kickoff.
    Ending Poverty Now check presentation Big check presentation
    More than $48,000 raised to end poverty. Presenting the "Big Check" at the awards luncheon.
    Jan Lesher and Magda Murtey ECAP committee
    DCA Jan Lesher with ECAP committee member Magda Murtey. Committee members got in the spirit at the awards luncheon.

    Community Impact

    United Way Donations Helped Seniors Remain Healthy and Active

    • Enabled 8,273 vulnerable seniors to remain at home with supportive services
    • Supported seniors and families through 155,997 hours of needed service from  4,725 active senior volunteers
    • Mobilized four communities to engage more than 3,360 seniors to solve local community problems and affect policy and program changes
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $3,250,234
    Every $1 Donated = $4.37 in additional support for seniors 

    United Way Donations Helped Young Children Prepare for School and Life

    • Promoted learning for 9,986 children in child care settings striving to improve quality and increase school readiness
    • Gave 76,704 books to 43,450 families with tips for reading to their child at home to promote early literacy skills
    • Guided 4,924 high risk families in the community or at home to increase positive parenting skills and prevent child abuse
    • Educated 5,064 early childhood teachers on best practice early education to increase child readiness for school and life
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $8,730,376
    Every $1 Donated = $12.04 in other Early Education Support

    United Way Donations Helped Youth Prepare for College, Work and Life 

    • Engaged 10,913 youth in quality after-school programs
    • Developed new skills and competencies of 3,314 youth to better prepare for college, work or life
    • Increased nutrition awareness and physical activity for 1,892 children and youth
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,195,928
    Every $1 Donated = $1.65 in additional support for Youth

    United Way Donations Helped Families be Financially Stable 

    • Prepared 14,551 income tax returns for families with 457 volunteers in 10 Arizona counties
    • Brought in $21.7 million in tax refunds to help family finances and fuel the local economy
    • Helped 5,635 families become more financially stable and meet their basic needs
    Donations Plus Leveraged Dollars = $1,452,256
    Every $1 Donated = $2.00 in other Family Financial Stability support

    ECAP Stories

    These features from the monthly eScoop newsletter demonstrate the benefits of ECAP donations:
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    Employees Care About Pima County (ECAP)

    130 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    Email: ECAP@pima.gov

    Ray Velez - Chair
    Phone: 520-724-4489

    Judy Cooper - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-3727

    Daniel Davis - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-351-8455

    Joanna Dinan - Co-Vice Chair
    Phone: 520-724-5363
    Email: Joanna.Dinan@Pima.Gov

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