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Canoa Hills Trails - An Open Space Park

Project Status: Park maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation work is currently ongoing.

The 139-acre site occupies the former Canoa Hills Golf Course (1461 W. Camino Urbano, Parcel #304-189-19H) in Green Valley, Arizona. It consists of 7 parcels that sit in natural drainage areas between existing elevated suburban developments, and it straddles a major north-south vehicular route, Camino del Sol. Parcels are connected by residential streets with culverts large enough to accommodate golf cart passage beneath Camino del Sol.

The Canoa Hills Golf Course was in operation from 1984 to July 2013. In 2014 Borderland Construction and the San Ignacio Golf Club bought the property, but never reopened due to prohibitive costs and a lack of need in an area with several other prominent and functioning golf courses. This led to the donation of the property to the Pima County Regional Flood Control District in December 2018 to rehabilitate the course into a public nature park. The entirety of the former Canoa Hills Golf Course makes up the site for the Canoa Hills Trails Park, except for the clubhouse and parking lot associated with the golf course.

The District's primary goals include enhancing passive recreation and wildlife habitat by creating native plant communities, mitigating erosion issues, and enhancing floodplain function. The design is economical, functional, and efficient due to budget maintenance constraints. Initially the park will use water from Canoa Ranch to irrigate restored areas, but once native plant communities are well-established, potable water use will cease. A goal of an eventual master plan will be to minimize the need for maintenance and actively promote resilient native plant communities. Exceptions may be made for strategically located pollinator gardens that are cared for by project partners.

Master Plan

A Master Plan has been developed and is effective as of March 3, 2022. 

The District gathered information on the development of a Master Plan for the park. Responses helped make the park more successful by helping the District understand the interest of the park users. Survey results were compiled March 19, 2021.

February 25, 2021 Public Meeting

Preliminary results from that survey were shared at a public meeting held on February 25, 2021 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, located at 130 W. Congress, first floor.

At that meeting, District staff presented an overview of the master plan’s design concepts and asked for additional feedback from members of the public. A second questionnaire related to the park’s design concepts was introduced.

The full meeting can be viewed on the Pima County YouTube Page - Canoa Hills Trails Open Space Park.


The February 25 meeting and follow-up questionnaire provided an opportunity for the public and other interested parties to address concerns and help the County better form an adaptive re-use plan that will serve the needs of the park for area residents and visitors, which will then serve as the park’s master plan. Due date for completing the questionnaire was March 19, 2021

Master Plan

A Master Plan, current as of March 3, 2022, has been created to help determine needs on a variety of park improvement projects.
An open-house meetings was held in February, 2021 in order for the District to receive feedback on both short and long-term planning efforts. Through collaborative meetings with adjacent property owners, homeowner’s associations, and other interested stakeholders, these meetings will provide opportunities for groups to address concerns and help the County better form an adaptive re-use plan that will serve the needs of a park for area residents and visitors.

Long-term planning for adaptive re-use may potentially include:

1. Re-establishing natural drainage in areas within regulatory floodplains to address stormwater harvesting and mitigate the effects of local drainage from adjacent subdivisions.
2. Controlling invasive and non-native vegetation species, and develop a landscape plan to restore the riparian canopy. The County anticipates working with the University of Arizona’s School of Landscape Architecture to accomplish this task.
3. Identifying areas where improvements would be desirable including benches, path improvements, etc.


After the private donation of the golf course to the Regional Flood Control District, various Pima County departments started to develop a Maintenance Plan to identify and prioritize both short and long-term goals.

The County identified various short-term maintenance goals, which included:
1. Addressing erosion problems, sediment removal, vegetation and tree trimming, and safety improvements including signage and handrails where necessary.
2. Developing a Maintenance Plan for weed and vegetation control, establishing firebreaks, and addressing buffer areas.
3. Grading various areas to allow for drainage or infiltration of stormwater at former golf course related depressions. 

Pima County thoroughly evaluated the Canoa Hills site with respect to addressing maintenance needs and is working in conjunction with the Green Valley Council to keep residents and interested stakeholders updated while accomplishing these goals.
The Green Valley Council can be contacted through email or by telephone; (520) 648-1936 

News Articles

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Press Releases
"Flood Control District seeking input on master plan for Canoa Hills Trails Open Space Park" - Pima County Communications, January 27, 2021

Tucson Audubon

Freeport-McMoRan recently awarded the Tucson Audubon Society a community investment grant to perform several habitat restoration and improvement projects at Canoa Hills Trails park in collaboration with a variety of local partners. Final project details have not been fully established, but improvements will include a new lined water feature near the former driving range, a pollinator garden, and stormwater detention and run off work that will grow appropriate native vegetation for bird and wildlife habitat and may include an ephemeral wetland. Additional project sites will occur throughout Green Valley.