2020 Board of Adjustment

District 1 

P20VA00017 Application

P20VA00017 Staff Report

P20VA00017 Public Comment

P20VA00017 Public Comment 2

P20VA00017 Public Comment 3

P20VA00017 Public Comment 4

P20VA00017 Revised Sign Layout

P20VA00006 Applicant Presentation

P20VA00006 Continuance Request

October 5, 2020

P20VA00024 Application

P20VA00024 Staff Report

P20VA00024 Public Comment

P20VA00024 Public Comment 2

P20VA00024 Continuance Request

P20VA00024 Withdrawal

November 2, 2020

P20VA00027 Application

P20VA00027 Staff Report

P20VA00029 Application

P20VA00029 Staff Report

P20VA00029 Revised Drawings

P20VA00029 Staff Memo

January 4, 2021 

P20VA00035 Application

P20VA00035 Staff Report

P20VA00035 Comment Letters

P20VA00035 Withdrawal Letter

March 1, 2021

P21VA00001 Application

P21VA00001 Staff Report

May 3, 2021

P21VA00006 Application
P21VA00006 Staff Report

P21VA00007 Application
P21VA00007 Revised Drawing
P21VA00007 Staff Report

July 12, 2021

P21VA00010 Application
P21VA00010 Staff Report
P21VA00010 Public Comment
P21VA00010 Continuance Request
P21VA00010 Public Comment 2
P21VA00010 DOT Comments
P21VA00010 Public Comment 3
P21VA00010 Continuance Request 2
P21VA00010 Staff Memo
P21VA00010 Public Comment 4
P21VA00010 Staff Memo 2
P21VA00010 Public Comment 5
P21VA00010 Continuance Request 3
P21VA00010 Revised Applicant Submittal

District 2

P20VA00011 Staff Report

P20VA00012 Staff Report

P20VA00013 Staff Report

P20VA00014 Staff Report

March 2, 2020

Agenda 03-02-20

P20VA00003 - Staff Report

Decision Letter



July 7, 2020

Agenda 07-06-20

20VA00006 Staff Report

P20VA00006 Application Packet

P20VA00006 Comment Letter

P20VA00007 Staff Report

P20VA00007 Application Packet

P20VA00010 Staff Report

P20VA00010 Application Packet

January 7, 2020

genda 01/07/20

P19VA00032 - Staff Report 

Decision Letter


July 14, 2020

P20VA00011 Application Packet

P20VA00012 Application Packet

P20VA00013 Application Packet

P20VA00014 Application Packet

June 8, 2021

P21VA00008 Application

P21VA00008 Staff Report

District 3

Agenda 7/09/20

Agenda 9/10/20

P19VA00034 Staff Report

P19VA00034 Application Packet

P20VA00008 Staff Report

P20VA00008 Application Packet

P20VA00015 Staff Report

P20VA00015 Application Packet

P20VA00015 Public Comment

P20VA00015 Continuance Request

P20VA00015 Public Comment_2

P20VA00015 Public Comment_3

P20VA00015 Applicant's Presentation

P20VA00015 Public Comment_4

P20VA00015 Staff Report Update

P20VA00015 Public Comment 5

P20VA00015 OSC Update Memo

P20VA00015 Application Presentation Revised 2

P20VA00015 Decision Letter (Continued)

November 12, 2020

P20VA00028 Application

P20VA00028 Staff Report

P20VA00028 Public Comment

P20VA00028 Public Comment 2


December 10, 2020

P20VA00030 Application

P20VA00030 Staff Report

P20VA00030 Withdrawal

P20VA00031 Application

P20VA00031 Staff Report

P20VA00032 Application

P20VA00032 Staff Report

P20VA00033 Application

P20VA00033 Staff Report

P20VA00033 Staff Memo

P20VA00033 Supplemental Information

P20VA00033 Revised Site Plan

P20VA00033 Additional Variance Requests
P20VA00033 Email to Board Members 1-8
P20VA00033 February Deadline Correspondence
P20VA00033 February Deadline Past Notice
P20VA00033 1964 Property Record Card

P20VA00033 Staff Report Update

April 8, 2021

P21VA00005 Application
P21VA00005 Staff Report

June 10, 2021

P21VA00009 Application
P21VA00009 Staff Report
P21VA00009 Public Comment

July 8, 2021
P21VA00012 Application
P21VA00012 Staff Report

District 4

Agenda 01/07/20

P19VA00031 - Staff Report

P19VA00031 - Comment Letters

Decision Letter


February 11, 2020

Agenda 02-11-20

P20VA00001 Staff Report

P20VA00001 Comment Letters

Decision Letter


September 8, 2020

Agenda 09/08/2020

P20VA00019 Application

P20VA00019 Staff Report

October 12, 2020

Agenda 10/12/2020

P20VA00025 Application

P20VA00025 Staff Report

P20VA00025 Public Comment

P20VA00026 Application

P20VA00026 Staff Report

P20VA00026 Public Comment

P20VA00026 Additional Comments

November 10, 2020

P20VA00021 Application

P20VA00021 Staff Report

P20VA00021 Public Comment

District 5

P20VA00005 Application
P20VA00005 Staff Report
P20VA00005 Public Comment
P20VA00005 Public Comment_2

P20VA00036 Application
P20VA00036 Staff Report
P20VA00036 Revised Site Plan

P21VA00003 Application
P21VA00003 Staff Report
P21VA00003 Supplemental Information
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