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  • Sustainability Programs Division

    Sustainability Programs Division


    To encourage and enhance sustainable practices that promote individual well-being and opportunity, sound resource conservation and stewardship, and a strong and diverse economy in our community and the region. Measure our success by the actions we take today, as well as the legacy we create for future generations.


    Our office works closely with Departments and employees throughout the County to enhance the County’s operational efficiency  and make our practices more sustainable. We partner with public agencies, educational institutions, businesses and organizations to:  (1) develop innovative new programs and activities; and (2) incorporate collaborative, broad stakeholder, sustainable decision-making into planning and implementation efforts for the workplace, neighborhood, community and region.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    • Coordinate the ongoing implementation of the Sustainable Action Plan for County operations
    • Prepare “Report Cards” on Sustainability goals met through the Action Plan
    • Provide training to County staff on green purchasing and other operational efforts
    • Participate in community outreach and education
    • Integrate sustainability principles into land use planning and County projects 

    Sustainable Action Plan

    Click on the links below to learn about how Pima County is making its operations more sustainable.

    Sustainable Action Plan (SAPCO)



    Sustainability: Improving the quality of life for current generations without compromising the resources needed by future generations.

    Pima County strives to integrate sustainable decision making into all facets of its operations and to achieve a triple bottom line of benefits, enhancing the environment, economy, and quality of life for our citizens. The Board of Supervisor’s commitment to sustainability reached new heights June and July of 2017 when it passed two landmark climate resolutions (2017-39 and 2017-51). These policies directed the County to uphold the United States’ greenhouse gas emission pledge to the Paris Agreement, which calls for a 26-28% reduction of greenhouse emissions below 2005 emissions by 2025.

    The updated Sustainability Action Plan, adopted in 2018, now provides a simplified yet comprehensive framework of new sustainability goals to meet and exceed what is required of the Paris Agreement while strengthening the County’s ability to address regional current and future climate risks. These new goals will be integrated into all facets of Pima County government operations – from the cars we drive, to the energy and water we consume, to the construction of our buildings, to the products we purchase, to the way in which we view and handle our “used” materials.

    Through the implementation of the Sustainability Action Plan, as well as other programs undertaken as a result of the Board resolution, Pima County strives to set an example for other communities desiring to achieve a high quality-of-life for their residents, protect their natural and cultural heritage, and provide meaningful economic opportunities.

    Pima County Sustainability Program Video

    2018 Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations



    Sustainable Action Plan Reports

    The annual Implementation Report provides a means to assess progress in meeting the sustainability goals. They provide transparency and a means to reevaluate our strategies and determine where change are needed.

    April-May 2022 Special Reports: SAPCO Refocusing Efforts

    2018-2025 Sustainable Action Plan Annual Reports

    2018-2025 Sustainable Action Plan Supporting Documents 

    2014-2018 Sustainable Action Plan Report Cards

    2014 Interim Report Card

    2008-2013 Sustainable Action Plan Report Cards

    Other Reports

    Energy and Water Summit for County Operations

    Green Stewards Sustainability Lifestyle Tips 

    Below you will find sustainability lifestyle checklists the Green Stewards developed to share within the County and externally with the community as well. 

    About the Green Stewards - Pima County's Green Team

    September 12, 2022 marked the launch of Pima County's very own green team - the Green Stewards! This internal employee cohort comprises of volunteer staff from a variety of departments, each of whom serve as sustainability ambassadors and experts in their departments.  The departments represented in the Green Stewards are:
    • Behavioral Health
    • Communications
    • Environmental Quality (PDEQ)
    • Facilities Management
    • Finance and Risk Management
    • Fleet Services
    • Flood Control 
    • Health Department
    • Human Resources
    • Library
    • Medical Examiner
    • Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation
    • Office of Emergency Management
    • Pima County Integrated Wireless Network (PCWIN)
    • Transportation
    • Staff from District 1 (Rex Scott) and District 2 (Matt Heinz)
    Each month, the Green Stewards meet to receive timely information and coaching from guest speakers in order to help keep the Couty's workforce educated and motivated, especially in support of its efforts to reduce climate risk and increase resiliency. 

    View Green Stewards Program launch memo.
    Green Geek logoInterested in learning more about sustainability? The Green Geek is here to help! The Sustainability Programs Division writes the Greek Geek column, a monthly Q&A that provides fun, interesting, shocking and thought-provoking information on a vast array of sustainability-related topics. The column is published the second Friday of each month in the Pima County FYI

    Have questions of your own? Send them to fyinewsletter@pima.gov and we'll answer them in our next issue!

    Current and past issues of the Green Geek.

    History of Sustainability Efforts



    General Resources

    One of the goals of the Office of Sustainability is to provide residents and County employees withLand conservation resources  and information about sustainability issues and to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices.  The page below contains a collection of useful information and key resources for members of the community and County employees.  

    Employee Resources

    One of the goals of the Office of Sustainability is to provide residents and County employees with resources andEmployee wellness class information about sustainability issues and to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices. The page below contains a collection of useful information and key resources specific to Pima County employees. County employees are encouraged to visit the General Resources page as well, as the General Resources page contains a broader range of resources.

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