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  • DOT-57 Systematic Bike and Pedestrian Crossing Improvement Plan

    Total Actual Cost: $115,168
    Project Number:  CTR.4SBPCP
    Funding Sources: 1997 HURF Bonds
    Completion Date: June 2018 
    Managing Dept.: Transportation

    The scope of the project was to review current practice of bicycle and pedestrian crossing designs and develop a systematic approach for improving safety on Pima County roadways by standardizing signing and pavement markings at bicycle and pedestrian crossing locations.

    A literature review of relevant design standards and guidance documents was conducted to determine the best design practice for crossing locations.  Standard drawings showing geometric design, signing, and pavement markings were prepared.

    A review of the Pima County roadway network was conducted to identify bicycle and pedestrian crossing locations.  Improvement plans for 13 locations were developed that applied the newly developed standards for bicycle and pedestrian crossing locations.  The improvement plans included both short-term and long-term solutions.

    At three locations on Sunrise Drive, the new bike and pedestrian crossing standards were implemented as part of a pavement preservation project in 2018.  These projects were not funded by 4SBPCP.  The locations were as follows:
    • Sunrise Drive at Skyline Drive
    • Sunrise Drive at Craycroft Road
    • Sunrise Drive at Paseo Otono

    The bike and pedestrian improvements resulting from this project included safety and operational improvements at three intersections.  The standards developed from this project will be included in the revised PCDOT Signing and Pavement Marking Manual in 2020.  Future improvement projects will apply the bike and pedestrian standards developed by the project.
    Sunrise & Craycroft from aboveSunrise & Craycroft street view