Wastewater sees success in idling less

By Jeannette Montano, RWRD

Wastewater landed on Fleet Services’ Top 10 Idle Decrease departmental list for Fiscal Year 2019, thanks to employees’ work to decreased idling on departmental vehicles by 30%. That reduced vehicles’ overall idling time from 41,993 hours in FY 2018 to 29,590 hours in FY 2019.
Cars idling
The Pima County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 2017-39 on June 6, 2017, and Resolution 2017-51 on July 11, 2017,  affirming its commitment to the 2015 United Nations Paris Climate Agreement (Paris Climate Agreement). The Paris Climate Agreement is a historic international agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions, slowing rising global temperatures, and helping countries deal with the effects of climate change.  

In order to meet the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry directed Pima County departments to reduce County operations’ GHG emissions from 89% to 40%. In addition, he requested an improvement in employee driver behavior. 
Administrative Procedure 49-4 Vehicle Anti-Idling reflects the adaptations in the reduction in idling, as well as the Sustainable Action Plan for Pima County Operations. Deputy County Administrator Carmine DeBonis, Jr. implemented a 10% reduction in idling goal for FY 2019, and additional reductions achieved annually going forward for the Public Works departments.

RWRD has 179 vehicles in its fleet equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS). One of the benefits of GPS is to report operating conditions regarding vehicle fleet use, such as idle time. The RWRD transportation coordinators were instrumental in surpassing the 10% goal.  With management’s established metrics, RWRD’s transportation coordinators kept the discussion alive with daily communication on idle reduction and offered ways to improve. 

RWRD Director Jackson Jenkins noted, “The reduction in idling reinforces what I already knew: the RWRD staff cares about the community.” RWRD strives to continue to improve efficiencies within the Department and is committed to being sustainable so it meets FY20 idle reduction goal of five percent from FY19. 

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