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  • Lawn & Garden equipment can cut down pollution

    Got gas? Gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment emits unhealthy air pollution, is noisy, and dealing with fuel is a hassle. If you’re interested in turning over a new leaf and going electric, have we got a deal for you!

    Pima County DEQ recently launched a new Cut Down Pollution program, with funding from Arizona DEQ, to help reduce air pollution in Pima County. Residents can turn in gas-powered lawn and garden equipment and get up to $400 in vouchers towards the Cut down pollution graphicpurchase of new, zero-emitting electric or battery powered landscaping equipment.

    Why the fuss? Gas-powered lawn and garden equipment emits a variety of toxic air pollutants, criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Breathing these emissions poses serious health threats to those who operate the equipment and those nearby who breathe the emissions. Health effects include heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, asthma, cancer, reproductive and developmental harm, and early death.

    In addition to improving air quality and health, switching to electric (or manual) equipment can save you money, be easier to manage, and helps keep the neighborhood peace. Operators will avoid having to purchase, handle and store the fuel, or deal with tune-ups, oil filters and other maintenance. You will also be a more thoughtful neighbor using quieter machines. Electric mowers have a decibel level of about 60-75, which is like the noise level of a washing machine. Gasoline mowers have a decibel level of about 95, which is like the noise level of a typical motorcycle. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that noises above 85 decibels can contribute to hearing loss. 

    Program basics:

    Turn in Equipment Get a Voucher For…  # Vouchers Allowed
    Gas-powered lawn mower   Electric or battery lawn mower 

    Resident, non-commercial: $150

    Commercial businesses: $200
    Resident, non-commercial: 1

    Commercial businesses: Unlimited* 
    • Leaf blower/vacuum
    • Chain saw
    • Hedge trimmer
    • String trimmer
    • Edger
    • Tiller
    Electric or battery lawn and garden device or manual tools 

    Resident & Commercial: $50

    See Devices & Tools tab on the Cut Down Pollution website for a complete list. 
    Resident, non-commercial: Up to 5 (one for each device type turned in)

    Commercial businesses: Unlimited* 
    *PDEQ reserves the right to limit the number of pieces of equipment eligible to be turned in if funding becomes limited to provide equal opportunity to interested community members.

    Make the switch and every time you use your new zero-emission equipment instead of your old gasoline powered tools, you are helping to keep our air healthy to breathe!

    Go to the Cut Down Pollution webpage to get started. Questions? CutPollution@pima.gov or 273-9898.