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  • National Kitten Coalition coming to PACC

    Jan 17, 2020 | Read More News
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    kittenThe National Kitten Coalition is coming to Pima Animal Care Center, thanks to funding from Friends of PACC. The National Kitten Coalition is a 501c3 focused on increasing survival rates of kittens in shelters across America. The organization will provide training on neonatal kitten care, Jan. 22 and Jan. 23 at the shelter. This will also be available for PACC fosters and volunteers and folks from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter & Sanctuary and Valley Humane Society.

    Kristen Hassen, the Director of Animal Services, said the trainings will focus on urgency of care for neonate kittens. 

    “We are so honored to be able to host the National Kitten Coalition, because kittens under eight weeks old are some of the most vulnerable pets that come into our facilities,” Hassen said. “They are the most at-risk population in the shelter because they are so frail without their mothers.”

    In 2019, the shelter took in just under 3,000 kittens, many of which were too young to be away from their mothers. That number is around 400 more kittens than were treated in 2018. This increase can be attributed to more people catching and bringing in orphaned kittens instead of leaving them in place to be cared for by their moms.  

“Even when mom isn’t visible, she’s usually nearby,” Hassen said. “Unless the kittens are in imminent danger, their best chance at survival is staying with their mother. People want to help, but in many cases, the best way to help is to leave them be.”

The shelter is making several changes to find ways to save more lives, including the creation of the Neonate Advocate Program (NAP). Volunteers will lead this group. They will provide “check-in” care calls for first time foster families of kittens under 5 weeks of age. Orphaned kittens at this age require round-the-clock care and are unable to self-regulate body temperature.kitten
    In addition to this training, Friends of PACC also maintains an Amazon Wish List full of items needed to cover the care of these tiny babies. Those who want to help can buy an item off the list or sign up to foster. The shelter can provide the materials needed to foster kittens. People interested in fostering can show up any time the shelter is open or send an email to PACC.foster@pima.gov. 

    Another way to help is by adopting a pet. All pets adopted from PACC come spayed or neutered, with age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip, and a free vet visit. A $20 licensing fee will apply to dogs. People who are interested in adopting a pet can look for them online or visit them in person at 4000 N. Silverbell Road. PACC’s normal business hours are Monday through Friday, noon-7 p.m. or 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekends.