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  • Sunset Road: I-10 to River Road

    site map
    Click image above for the interactive map

    Project Cost: 34,944,752

    Project Length: Approximately 0.7 miles
    Project Status: Design Phase
    Design Schedule: Design Concept Report approved March 2021; Final Design through March 2022; Construction Start October 2022
    Engineering Consultant: CONSOR Company & Kimley Horn

    The Pima County Department of Transportation (PCDOT), in association with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), and in coordination with the Arizona Department of Transportation and the City of Tucson, is designing a roadway extension to connect Sunset Road from I-10 to River Road. The project is part of the 2006 voter-approved RTA 20-year multimodal plan. The project scope consists of roadway and bridge improvements necessary to connect Sunset Road from I-10 to River Road. The County intends to jointly construct with the adjacent Arizona Department of Transportation widening project from Ina Road to Ruthrauff Road, in order to reduce construction costs and impacts to the traveling public.

    Why the improvements are necessary (Purpose and Need)

    • The purpose of the project is to improve mobility in the vicinity of the I-10 Sunset Road traffic interchange by connecting Sunset Road from I-10 to River Road.
    • Capacity improvements provided by the project are needed in order to accommodate future travel demand volumes in a safe and efficient manner.


    • The Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) and Design Concept Report (DCR) was approved in March 2021 by the Board of Supervisors.
    • Final Design started March 2021, and will be completed in March 2022.
    • The Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) was available for public review from March 28 through April 26, 2022.
    • Final Environmental Assessment (FEA)/Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) completed May 2, 2022
    • Construction timeline is estimated to start October 2022. The construction timeframe is anticipated to be between 18-24 months.

    Interactive Map

    I-10 Reconstruction between Ruthrauff and Ina roads - ADOT (azdot.gov) 

    Contact Information

    Community Relations

    Carol Brichta
    Program Manager
    Department of Transportation
    (520) 724-6442
    email: Carol Brichta

    Project Planning

    Stephen Wilson
    Civil Engineering Manager
    Department of Transportation
    (520) 724-5912
    email: Stephen Wilson

    Final Design

    Nancy Cole
    Director Capital Program Office
    Department of Transportation
    (520) 724-6312
    email: Nancy Cole

    Scoping and Environmental Documents


    • Final Design Concept Report (DCR) and supporting documents
    • Public Notice: Notice of Draft Environmental Assessment Available for Public Review and Opportunity for a Public Hearing - evite

    Meeting Notices

    Open House - March 31, 2020   - Cancelled

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