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    The Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department is committed to mitigating odors emitted from treatment facilities and the sanitary sewerage system. We are interested in hearing from Pima County’s residents. If you are impacted by odors, please let us know by submitting the form on this page or by calling the RWRD Conveyance Division at (520) 724-3400.
    Odor Reporting Feedback Form
    Where have you noticed odors?*  
    Please include below the address OR location (major intersection) where you have noticed odors:*
    What were you doing?*  
    If other, please describe:
    When?Time of Day:
    How long?
     Hours  Minutes 
    How often?*  
    If other, please describe if it is seasonal, associated with a particular weather pattern, etc.:
    Odor Strength:*  
    Odor Characteristics:*  
    If other, please describe:
    Weather conditions:*  
    Wind conditions:*  
    Other patterns or issues:
    Pima County will make every attempt, based on the information provided, to locate and mitigate the odors being reported. It may, however, be necessary to contact you for additional information.
    First Name:*    Middle Initial:  
    Last Name:*   
    Phone:*    ex: 520-555-1111, 555-1111
    Alternate Phone:  ex: 520-555-1111, 555-1111

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