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  • Right-of-Way Use Permit

    HB2212 Required Language for Pima County Permit, License, and Application Forms



    Anyone desiring to conduct work in the Pima County Right-of-Way will need to obtain a permit Right-of-Way permits are required for projects of the following scope:
    • Digging any hole, drain, trench or ditch in any public street, alley, drainageway or thoroughfare,
    • Remove or change any curb, pavement or other constructed improvement,
    • Construct any paving, irrigation or landscaping or any other improvement, or
    • Construct any improvement for flood-control purposes in any public drainageway or drainage easement.

    Submittal Process

    To obtain a Right-of-Way permit, fill out the on-line application utilizing Permitting Customer Portal. If you have any question please call 520-724-9900 to speak with staff. You can still submit your application via e-mail to ROWPermit@pima.gov but we encourage you to submit on-line for a prompt review.

    Administrative Review Requirements

    To be administratively complete applicants shall include the following information prior to the County initiating substantive review:
    • Cost estimate is required for non-utility work in the right-of-way.
    • Drawings should include information such as material type, depth of cuts, extent, type and location of existing and proposed improvements. Drawings depicting work to be completed in the right-of-way could be submitted as aerial view, site plan, construction drawings. It is the applicant’s responsibility to include all pertinent information in drawings for the review.
    • Right-of-Way permit application if submitting via e-mail.

    Substantive Review

    Drawings and supplemental information shall be reviewed against the following criteria in order to determine substantive compliance with adopted regulations: 


    • Project is reviewed against the Procedures for the Issuance of Right-of-Way Permits and Regulations of Work under Permit, PAG Specifications and Standard Details 2015 edition, and other applicable standards.

    Cultural Resources

    • If project length is greater than 500 linear feet, a Cultural resource staff determine the need for further archeological compliance actions (e.g. archeological survey, monitoring, data recovery, and preservation) 

    Flood Control and Riparian

    • Project is reviewed against flood prone areas and riparian areas 


    • Show location of existing public sewer
    • Identify proposed sewer easements

    Review Processing

    Applicant shall either receive approved permit or a composite Notice of Request for Corrections.


    Required inspections shall be listed on the permit and it shall be the applicant’s responsibility to schedule inspections and to obtain approval prior to final project approval.

    Review Time-Frame

    Five business days from submittal.

    Permit Fees and Expiration

    Permit information and fees can be accessed or paid online or in person at 201 N Stone Ave (fee & expiration schedule).

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