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  • Qualifying Life Events

    An employee may enroll in or cancel insurance coverage and/or add or delete dependents only during the regularly scheduled annual enrollment, unless a qualifying life event has occurred. A qualifying life event is defined to be:

    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Legal separation
    • The establishment or dissolution of a domestic partner relationship
    • Birth
    • Adoption
    • Placement for adoption pursuant to ARS §8-105 or §8-108
    • Court ordered guardianship
    • Dependent leaves the service area (for certain medical and dental plans)
    • Employee’s spouse, domestic partner or other dependent gains or loses other coverage
    • Leave of absence without pay
    • Dependent child attains age 26

    Steps to Completing a Qualifying Life Event

    Step 1: Declare the qualifying life event in ADP.

    Qualifying events are completed in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal within 31-days of the qualifying life event.

    Qualifying Life Event in MyADP Instructions
    These changes must be made within thirty-one (31) calendar days of the date of occurrence. Premium changes will be effective the first payday following enrollment effective date. An employee may not change from one plan to another except during the scheduled annual enrollment period.

    Step 2: Submit supporting documentation.

    All qualifying events must be supported by a proof of the event and, when adding dependents, proof of the relationship. Use the Qualifying Life Events and Supporting Documents Guide for a list of types of events and the supporting documents for each. When declaring life events, be prepared to enter social security numbers for all dependents Supporting documents can be scanned and emailed to Human Resources Benefits.

    Information on the Health and Life Insurance Enrollment Process can be found on Administrative Procedure 23-22.

    Step 3: Confirm the changes on your paycheck.

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