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We have the world's only Sugar-frosted Flaky Dog

Oct 28, 2013 | Read More News
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The great thing about the pets we have at Pima Animal Care Center is that they’re one-of-a-kind wonders you won’t find anywhere else.none

“Mutts” just don’t do them justice, so we held a contest to fully celebrate what makes each of them unique. Arizona Daily Star editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons picked the winning entries, and then, in his distinctive Fitz style, took the liberty of explaining a bit more about the breeds so recently identified.

Pictured in order:

Sugar-frosted Flaky Dog – Without question this sweet canine is sugar-frosted in both appearance and heart. The ear askew is typical of the “flaky” subset of this rare breed. In the 18th century, breeders began to favor the three-legged Sugar-frosted Flaky Dog for its grit and humor and today, it only comes in this unique tri-pedal model. Creativity kudos: Ellen Miller. (Editor’s note: Osborne is the only one of the five featured pets who hasn’t yet found a home. And despite the angle of his picture, he actually does have four legs, making this particular find even more rare! Adoption fees for this 7-year-old are waived as well, so come on down and meet him if you’re looking for a new partner.)

Bibbed Chowhound – Fond of kibbles, this dog’s range and habitat is confined to environs of the dog dish and laps. Related to the Fanged Nibblers of the Serengeti, the Chowhound has a distinctive white bib, not unlike his cousin – the New England Chowhound – which has a Red Lobster bib. Suspicious of cats, he can often be seen looking over his shoulder at his dog dish. Creativity kudos: Kathleen Pastryk.

Human-eyed Sonoran Hot Dog – So named because it is the size of a Sonoran hot dog with extra onions and a jalapeno (males) on the side, this breed has the eyes of an actual human, thanks to a resourceful North Korean geneticist. This breed is blessed with a salsa soul and paws like a Pokemon. When it wags its tail, it can generate a wind so strong it is said one can throw roller skates on its paws and watch it roll to Kansas. Creativity kudos: Ellen Miller.

Fuzzwinkle Terrier – Resembling a small Panda squeezed out of a toothpaste tube, this Terr-Doodle loves to chase small rodents and Volkswagens. Because of its distinctive markings, it is often mistaken for a zoo escapee and can be very difficult when it is questioned. It’s a loveable pooch who likes long walks on a beach, piña coladas and making love in the moonlight with whatever driftwood or flotsam is available. One is rumored to have dug to China and brought back chow mein, rice and fortune cookies in a to-go bag. It barks exactly like Scooby Doo. Creativity kudos: Kathleen Pastryk.

Cinna-bull – Often found on porches gnawing on rawhide bones, Cinna-bulls prefer the company of NPR listeners and they tend to respond well to “Pretty boy.” Prized in Campchung for his cinnamon flavor, the dog was nearly hunted into extinction until a wily trainer taught the dog to fetch the morning papyrus. Marco Polo returned from the Spice Trail with one and the rest is history. Today a cinna-bull is the mascot of a bakery chain in Iowa. Creativity kudos: Brandi Dilday.

Thanks to all of our contest participants and thanks to David Fitzsimmons for bringing the fun!