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Long term care facilities can request support staff and additional PPE from the following links

HCW HOSTED -- Housing for HCWs

HCW HOSTED is a Tucson community-based initiative to provide support to healthcare workers looking for housing during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent family members from becoming infected. This happens by helping them find suitable places to self-quarantine, ideally with their colleagues. In addition to housing, our goal is to monitor the ongoing health status of HCWs, offer social and logistical support services for their partners/spouses and children, and connect them to emotional health services.


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Executive Orders from the Office of the Governor Doug Ducey  

May 28, 2020: Executive Order 2020-38: “Ensuring Statewide Access to Care for COVID-19 Arizona Surge Line”
  • A hospital, as defined in Arizona Administrative Code R9-10-101, shall: 
  • Alternate care sites designated by State or local health departments shall: 
  • The Arizona Department of Insurance, in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Health Services, shall require that all insurers regulated by the State cover COVID-19 transfer and treatment to and from all hospitals, healthcare institutions, or alternate care sites designated by the Arizona Department of Health Services at in-network rates without regard to whether the facility is in-network if the patient's transfer is facilitated by the Arizona Surge Line. Transfer and treatment shall be covered on the basis of admission date, and in-network coverage for treatment shall remain in place for the duration of a patient's admission facilitated by the Arizona Surge Line, including in the event that the COVID-19 Declaration of Public Health Emergency is terminated prior to patient discharge. 
  • This executive order shall expire upon the termination of the Declaration of Public Health Emergency related to COVID-19 dated March 11, 2020. 

May 21, 2020: Executive Order 2020-37: “Enhanced Surveillance Advisory Continuing to monitor responsiveness to COVID-19”

“This Enhanced Surveillance Advisory supersedes reporting requirements set forth in Executive Orders 2020-13, 2020-22(4), 2020-30(10) but all other provisions of these orders are renewed and remain in effect for the duration of this order.”
  • LTCFs shall report through EMResource or alternative form to ADHS every twenty-four hours: 
  • 1) Number of COVID-19 positive residents requiring isolation; 
  • 2) Current admission criteria related to COVID-19; 
  • 3) Number of beds available to new admissions with COVID-19; 
  • 4) Number of days of PPE Inventory on hand

May 4, 2020: Executive Order 2020-35: “Reporting By Nursing Care Institutions, Residential Care Institutions, ICF-IIDs And DD Medical Group Homes To Residents And Families Regarding COVID-19” requires LTCFs to:
  • Report to current residents of congregate settings, next of kin and guardians the number of diagnosed cases and deaths due to COVID-19 occurring within the population of the facility within 24 hours of confirming such information, and provide regular updates on their activities to keep residents safe to residents, next of kin and guardians; and 
  • Upon receipt of a completed application to a congregate setting and a request from a prospective resident, their next of kin or guardian, report the number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19 occurring within the population of the congregate setting to the prospective resident, their next of kin and any guardian; and 
  • Upon acceptance of the transfer of a resident into their congregate setting and upon request from the transferee, but before the transfer is completed, report to the transferring resident, their next of kin and any guardian, the number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19 occurring within the population of the congregate setting.

March 26, 2020
: Executive Order 2020-17: “Continuity of Work”

Allows licensed professionals to stay licensed and defer certain requirements for six months. 

State agencies or boards that license individuals or LTCFs shall: 
  • Defer requirements to renew licenses that have an expiration date between March 1, 2020 and September 1, 2020 by six months from the expiration date, unless those requirements can be completed online;
  • Defer requirements to complete continuing education by six months, unless those requirements can be completed online or due to the nature of the license is not practical; electronic or remote format, the state agency or board shall issue a provisional license to an applicant who has met all other requirements of Arizona statute and administrative code, but who is unable to take the required examination due to the current closure of private testing centers and unavailability of an electronic or remote testing option. 

Proclamations from Tucson Mayor Regina Romero

Tucson Mayor’s Office Proclamations

June 18, 2020 Declaration of Continuing Emergency -- COVID-19:

“EFFECTIVE ON JUNE 20, 2020 AT 6:00 A.M., and continuing thereafter until this Proclamation and its Orders are rescinded, terminated or modified, every person within the jurisdiction of the City of Tucson who is two (2) years of age or older is required to cover his or her nose and mouth with a Face Covering when in a Public Setting where continuous Physical Distancing is difficult or impossible. Adults 
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