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  • Bighorn Fire Updates and Information


    A lightning-caused fire on the west end of the Santa Catalina Mountains started June 5. The blaze moved east and south closer to populated areas of the Catalina Foothills but was determined 100 percent contained July 23. 

    In total, the fire burned near 120,000 acres of wilderness.
    Bighorn Fire

    The Pima County Office of Emergency Management, in coordination with the U.S. Forest Service, and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department will send emergency messages to residents in the affected areas. These messages may include evacuation orders for those residents closest to the fire.

    The public can sign to receive emergency alerts at myalerts.pima.gov

    Bighorn Fire information and updates on Facebook

    Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. For more information visit Know Before You Fly, http://knowbeforeyoufly.org.

    UPDATE for Mt. Lemmon Residents and Businesses as of July 9.  

    Wildfire Smoke and Your Health

    Wildfire smoke is a mixture of gases and fine particles from burning plants and other items. This smoke can irritate your eyes and respiratory system and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. The County Health and Environmental Quality departments have compiled information and guidance for protecting your health.  Available Smoke Outlook Forecasts 

    Current Alerts Including Evacuations & Interactive Bighorn Fire Map

     GO - Evacuate  SET - Be Alert  READY - Prepare Now
    No GO - Evacuate notifications
    No SET - Be Alert notifications
    • Mt. Lemmon
    • Summerhaven
    • Mt. Bigelow
    • Lower Catalina Highway/Lower Mt. Lemmon Communities from Organization Ridge Road to South Willow Canyon
    • Areas of the eastern Catalinas, east of Mt. Lemmon Highway at mile post 3, north of Redington Road, bounded on the north and east by the County line, including the community of Reddington
    • The southeastern Catalinas areas around Redington Road, bounded by the forest service boundary on the west and by the county line on the east 
    • Community of Oracle
    • Portions of east Golder Ranch area
    • Catalina foothills areas east of Kolb Road within northern areas of Ventana Canyon neighborhoods
    • Peppersauce Canyon to Highjinks Road and Campo Benito
    • Oro Valley areas from Catalina State Park south to Magee Road
    • Catalina foothills areas from First Avenue to Alvernon Way 
    • Catalina Foothills between Alvernon Way and Kolb Road, north of Skyline Drive

    Bighorn Interactive Alerts Map

    Interactive Map showing the Bighorn Fire Alerts Zones.

    Ready, Set, Go! – stages of emergency actions for residents

    Ready, Set, Go! is a nationwide program adopted by the 15 Arizona sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened.

    The three steps

    1. READY – prepare for threats to the community.
    2. SET – maintain awareness of significant danger.
    3. GO – evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening.

    Find out more about the Ready, Set, Go program here: https://ein.az.gov/ready-set-go


    • Catalina Highway at mile marker zero
    • Sabino Canyon
    • Bear Canyon
    • Catalina State Park 
    • Trail access in the area is restricted
    • Trails impacted by the fire: Romero Canyon, Pusch Peak, Pima Canyon, Finger Rock, Pontatoc, Pontatoc Ridge, and Linda Vista.

    Find the entire closure order at https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/closures/6741/

    Flood information

    • Pima County Regional Flood Control District - Floods Follow Fires information.
      • Wildfires increase the flood risk by leaving the ground charred, barren, and unable to absorb water.
    • Current precipitation, stream, and weather information

    Additional information

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