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  • Smoke from Bighorn Fire Impacts Air Quality North of Tucson

    Jun 17, 2020 | Read More News
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    Changes in the location of the Bighorn Fire and the direction of the wind are affecting air quality in the communities north of the City of Tucson. Smoke from Bighorn FireThe fire has moved into the higher elevations of the Santa Catalina mountain range where there is more vegetation to fuel the flames. As wind direction changes, the smoke will impact different areas of the region.

    The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality reminds people that if you’re smelling smoke, you’re breathing smoke.  Be aware that smoke concentrations can change throughout the day and take that into consideration as you plan any outdoor activities. PDEQ has provided tips for dealing with wildfire smoke.

    Individuals who are sensitive to air pollution may want to check PDEQ’s real-time air quality data prior to making plans for outdoor activities. Keep in mind that the monitors may not be recording smoke if they are not downwind of where the smoke is accumulating. Updated air quality information is available from PDEQ’s monitoring sites 10 minutes after the hour; 24 hours a day. Information on the Bighorn Fire is available at www.pima.gov/Bighorn.