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  • PACC prepares for July 4 holiday weekend

    Jun 29, 2020 | Read More News
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    picture of a dog PIMA COUNTY – Pima Animal Care Center is planning and preparing for the July 4 holiday weekend and has tips for how the public can help when they find lost pets. The shelter is currently taking in around 25-45 stray pets every day, but that number is expected to rise.

    “We are taking in 800 to 1,000 animals each month,” said Kristen Hassen, the Director of Animal Services. “We expect this number to rise in July because animals become frightened by loud fireworks and are more likely to escape their yards and become lost. People should make sure their pets are kept indoors over the July 4 weekend to prevent them from escaping.” 

    To prevent your pet from becoming lost, PACC recommends you do the following: 
    1. Make sure your pet has a currently registered microchip and a collar with tags. If you need to get some form of ID on your pet last minute, you can get a personalized tag and collar at most local pet stores. 
    2. If your pet lives outdoors, even part of the time, check the perimeter of your property to make sure your fence or wall is in good repair. Check the latches and locks on your gates and look for gaps or other places your pet could escape. When a pet is scared, they may make an extra effort to run from the perceived threat. 
    3. Keep your pets indoors. People typically set off fireworks for several days before and after July 4. During this period, the best way to protect your animal’s life is to keep it securely indoors except for when the pet is outside with you. 
    If your pet does get lost, please call PACC immediately at 724-7222 to file a lost report. You can also look through the list of pets that have been brought to the shelter here. Stray pets are held for three days if they don’t have any form of identification on them. Stray pets with a microchip or a collar with contact information are held for 5 days. After that, they could be made available for adoption. 

    If you find a cat or dog, please call the shelter at 724-7222 to file a found report and get the pet’s photo on the website to quickly help get it back home.  If you find a dog or cat who is sick, injured, or may be dangerous, call 724-5900 and press 4. 

    Want to help foster a found pet? Sign up to be a foster for our intake-to-foster program. This new program takes stray pets and immediately places them into a foster home and out of the stressful shelter.

    PACC will be closed on July 3, 2020, but will be open on the Fourth of July, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. through an appointment basis. To make an appointment to adopt or foster a pet, visit the PACC website at pima.gov/animalcare and follow PACC social media accounts to stay on top of the ever-changing situation. 

    For information about local impacts of coronavirus on humans and guidance for keeping yourself and others healthy, please follow the dedicated page on the Pima County Health Department website: www.pima.gov/covid19.