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  • Land Planning and Regulation

    Land Planning and Regulation

    Pima County Planning develops and implements Comprehensive Plan Policies and Zoning Code Ordinances that help preserve our natural and cultural heritage while building healthy, dynamic and sustainable communities.  Current Planning addresses issues through Zoning Code Text Amendments, Use Permits, and Boards, Commission and Committees.  Long Range Planning amends the Comprehensive Plan (Pima Prospers) and works in a collaborative fashion with local government and communities to provide broad direction of how Pima County will grow.

    Comprehensive Plan

    Maeveen Marie Behan Conservation Lands System

    The Conservation Lands System (CLS) Regional Plan Policy was adopted as part of the Environmental Element of the 2001 Pima County Comprehensive Plan Update. Read more...
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    Chris Poirier
    Planning Official

    Thomas Drzazgowski
    Chief Zoning Inspector